Saturday, November 15, 2008

Story Idea

Hi, everyone. I hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. It is freezing here and I am trying to stay warm while watching Lifetime movies - which can be rather addicting. I have a new story idea now that The Waverly Myth is completed and I want to post the summary as well as character pictures to see what others think. Please let me know in the comments section if this sounds good or not. The story would take place in a span of 24 hours and would focus on four main characters and their intersecting lives and stories.

Winter Solstice by Kate
A lot can happen on the longest night of the year. Meg, Lou, Libby and Tom are four complete strangers, living completely different lives. But on this night, their paths will cross in the most unexpected of ways, giving each other just what they need and what they have always wanted.






naoise said...

Sounds intriguing...

I love the title as well. And it's freezing here too. I have my hoody and scarf on!


Anonymous said...

I never really liked a lot of the things that were meant to happen in the duration of just one day. Normally because the creators try to incorporate way too many things and make it truly doubtful. I like this idea though, which is almost strange, and it sounds really interesting, so I'll be looking forward to it if you decide to write it.


Tessa said...

Sounds like a good story!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in this. It sounds really intriguing and I love stories like this. Please follow this path, it sounds great.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea! I really like stories like this, when the characters are strangers and them end up crossing paths unexpectedly. Sounds wonderful. Please build on it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting...stories like this are interesting and great...please write soon!


Anonymous said...

I love the title! THis sounds interesting, and I cant wait to read it.


Anonymous said...

it sounds really interesting, but i cen't help but feel like i've seen it before in a movie plot... that's not to say that this will be just like that; knowing you it would be amazing and original in plot line.
now it's going to bug me what movie that is...

anyways, i can't wait to read it anyways!

Anonymous said...

sounds very mysterious and intriguing! The short time frame is definitely a challenge and it will be interesting to see how you break it up, (like one hour per chapter? or perhaps that's too cliche?). Anyway, I'm totally in, as I am with all your stories!

It was balmy today here with thunderstorms and tornado watches... but I think the temp. is about to drop again... stay warm with some hot cocoa or apple cider and a nice fire! :)


Anonymous said...

Good morning Kate,

I wake up pretty early on a Sunday. Oh, yes this story sounds interesting. I'm actually fascinated by how time can influence our actions and who we meet. Are things like predestine or do we make a new path as we move with time each time we make a decision. I'm such a dork. When I get to thinking it can be an unending and winding road that leads to nowhere:) Thank you Kate. And no I'm not on any hallucinogenic drugs like my brother would assume.


Anonymous said...

Sounds unreal! Can't wait to read it :D

L x

Anonymous said...

the plot sounds great, I'm looking foward to see what you'll do to the story to happen in only one night and not make it look far fetched.... anyways...
Look foward to hear from you!