Friday, November 21, 2008

The Beginning of Eden - Chap. Three

Chapter three of The Beginning of Eden is posted on and ready to be read and reviewed. Let me know what you think of it if you want. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

It's Friday! You don't sound so enthusiastic on this post. I'm sorry for neglecting you and your updates. I've been really busy at work. It must be the upcoming holiday. I will try to read all of the updates tonight.

I want to go watch "Twilight", but I'll probably wait until all the crazy teenage age girls already have their fill of the movie.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful so far. I'm so glad that you posted some more! I always look foward to reading your new chapters. Thank you for writing these amazing stories!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! There seems to be so much going on right now, so it may seem like not many people are posting comments. But it looks like you're getting a great response to your stories though. They are so good! I love the pictures too. Thank you for post more! I can't wait for the next chapters!

Anonymous said...

I loved this chapter. Finn is going to be an interesting guy I think. And I can't wait to read about Eden's next job adventure.

littlewiseone said...

I'm loving the stories you have going on right now. I'm doing my reviews there, but keep up the great work.