Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Songs

Good morning, everyone. I am working on the eleventh chapter of The Waverly Myth and hopefully, it will be finished and posted later tonight. Most of you will be happy to hear that this story only has two more chapters to go before it is finished since I know that this story was probably the least popular I have written. I am glad some of you have enjoyed it though. I personally love this story and am extremely proud of it even though it is completely different from what I write. After I finish with the Waverly family, I have another idea floating in my head and I write what I am inspired but we will see if I pursue the idea.

Below, I have posted “Sheets” by Damien Jurado and “My Skin” by Natalie Merchant - two songs I always listen to when I am writing for The Waverly Myth. I think both songs apply to all of the characters in the story but please listen to both of them and let me know what you think of them. Do they remind you of The Waverly Myth or another story? I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday. I am so excited for the weekend to almost be here.

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