Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Nineteen

As promised, I have posted chapter nineteen of The Prettiest Thing on so check it out for me. Read and review and let me know what you think. I am so happy that for the most part, people are loving this story. I love writing it and cannot wait to write down the rest of the story. Thank you for reading and reviewing and being such wonderful supporters. All of you are just simply amazing. Also, thank you to Laura for finding me this picture that reminded her of Trevor and Joy.


Anonymous said...

Just as Brett gets permission Ella decides to go out with Monty. Such horrible timing. I guess it's ok that she's not trying to be mean with going out with Monty, but she knows he's not the right one so I'm frustrated. And the parents need to grow up. Teenagers are stubborn and it wouldn't surprise me if Trevor and Ella still found a way to see her on Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! That is so typical :( I actually feel bad for all three of them, poor Brett though he's gonna get a rough landing now. I now it's all his fault but I still love him! I wish Ella would just tell him she loves him & he clearly loves her! Ugh why is everything so complicated?!

I do have complete faith in you that everything will work out alright with Ella & Brett though. It kind of reminds me of the love triangle in Everything Will Be Alright, & that worked out all good! ;)

Hope they all get to meet Andy too that's be interesting! Can't wait for more & to see Brett & Ella's reaction!!

L x

Amanda said...

Uh oh this can't be good. Brett is not going to like this. I love this chapter with how everyone is getting out into the open. Great job Kate, but is Ella going to tell Trevor about college soon?

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, bad timing alert! Brett is not going to be pleased and I do feel badly for him, it is partly his own fault but I was very impressed that he went ahead and just told Trevor like that. Surely that means he get's extra credit points with Ella.
Monty would be good for Ella, there is no way around that. (Unless he morphs into a uber-jerk.) However, Ella loving Brett is pretty serious and she should truly consider that before she does anything rash.
Finally, I am also thrilled that Trevor is so happy right now. I hope that it continues like this for him, he does seem to deserve for things to be going his way. I will keep my fingers crossed that it will stay that way for him.
Thanks for updating, as always it was a great chapter and left me looking forward to more! Take care!!

Anonymous said...

ohhh noooo, I like Monty and all, but seriously, Ella should be with Brett, she should be going on her first date with Brett, her first time with Brett, and I know that your plot won't change, but poor Brett and I trust you with your story, but please don't et them stray too far

KittyCat86 said...

I've already reviewed on

Great chapter but you're leaving me on the edge here thinking what will possibly go wrong next :P
I'm not a big fan of Monty (basically because he is on Brett's way...) so I really don't want to see him with Ella. She belongs with Brett, of course!

Anonymous said...

Another good chapter, can't wait for what's next. I think I would like to see some interaction between Monty and Brett. That could be interesting. Thanks for the quick updates. You really must be feeling better.

Have a great Sunday,


Anonymous said...

Aww poor Brett.
Such awful timing.

Thanks Kate. Wonderful chapter!

Can't wait 'til the next chapter.


Anonymous said...

I'm really really interested in reading this story. So please finish writing it soon so I can start it. I promise to review once I'm done ;)

strawberris said...

lets get monty and ella together . bret is a jerk to have kissed cassey heck even if he didnt want the kiss he shouldnt have let a girl he didnt like get close enough to him to be able to go and kiss him.