Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Eighteen

As promised, chapter eighteen of The Prettiest Thing is posted on so check it out for me. Please read and review. There is a lot that happens in this chapter and a lot of insight into some of the characters so please read carefully. And get ready because next chapter is Thanksgiving and it will be explosive to say the least. Thanks in advance for reading and letting me know what you think. It will forever be appreciated. Also, please, please don't be upset with Brett after this chapter. Well, you can be upset but please don't hate him. I really do love Brett but like most boys his age, he is making mistakes so please just keep that in mind.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... Brett the idiot! I think it's time for him to be in the hot seat while Ella goes out on dates (with Monty) and maybe then he'll get a clue about his feelings for her. Poor Ella!

I am really liking Monty though - such honesty and openness about his feelings - Ella should appreciate that for sure!

Update soon, that was a terrible cliff-hanger - does Brett ever know that she saw them kissing? I hope he finds out and feels miserable about it for a long, long time. Can't wait for more!

~ HMC (or h.chambers)

Amanda said...

Alright let Ella have her revenage. Or get her to tell Trevor or something because Brett is being an idiot. Anyways excellect chapter as always Kate. The dance school in Toronto you were talking about. Was it the National Dance School of Ballet? Update real soon and I am glad to hear that you are better.

Anonymous said...

ok so I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing!!!!!!! This chapter was sooo sad for Ella though, but part of me can't help but still love Brett, I just hope he doesn't stray for long, and I know you have your ideas about your story already planned, but I read a story by a different author recently here she set up a relationship between two people to the point here you just knew they would be together and THEN she brought a different guy in and changed her mind about the other two, soo the point of that was PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let that happen to Brett and Ella!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better! :D

Oh no poor Ella! It's so going to be one of those times when he pulls away but she doesn't see it right? I'm really trying to not like Brett but I love the two of them together I can't help it. Hope they sort themselves out but I guess that's going to take a while right? :(

I have a feeling Monty will be a more permenant fixture now but I think it's a little desperado wanting to play football just cos he thinks Ella likes that type, god someone like that would send me running for the hills! I just can't get into this Ella/Monty relationship sorry!!

Really liked the scene between Joy & Trevor too they're such a cute couple!!

Another great chapter can't wait for more!

L x

Anonymous said...

That was a really great chapter. I do feel for poor Ella though, I hope she gets her happiness eventually.

The thing with Brett at the end - ouch! But would I be right in thinking that it's 'not what it looks like'?

Glad to hear you're feeling better :)


Anonymous said...

I totally know what I want to happen next, but what I love about your writing is that it can absolutely go in another direction and I will still love the story, because I love your writing. But please do me a favor, next chapter no cliffhanger. I don't think my heart can take it!


naoise said...

Poor Ella!

Brett didn't want that to happen right? RIGHT?

Amazing story though!

Trevor & Joy are so adorable.


Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I saw it was posted and you didn't disappoint at all, it was great. The only problem is now you leave another cliffhanger and I now have to wait to find out what happens with this new thing. I don't know how much I can take. I love your stories though. I kinda feel sorry for Monty. He seems like a nice guy, but I don't know if I like him and Ella together. I don't want her to use him though to make Brett jealous, she seems too nice to do that to someone, especially now that she knows he really likes her.