Thursday, March 13, 2008

Piper's Hidden Kiss - Part II

The final part of the completely random story from my mind Piper's Hidden Kiss is up on Fictionpres so please, once again, check it out and review it for me. I really am not sure where the story came from but I like it. It really is just a glance into these two lives for a few days before we leave them again with hope and possibly, a good feeling. I think everyone has at least one issue with our parents and in a lot of ways, they have shaped us into what we are today. Piper obviously has a lot of issues with her mother and it is up to Piper to turn into the person she wants to be. Please read and review. Thank you.




Nhi said...

Just read it! I wish it was longer. I liked the concept of Piper's Hidden Kiss a lot. I wish you would write another installment if possible. I am dying to know what will happen to them in the future. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

You don't need additional chapters for this one.

I liked it just as it was: the promise of good things to come...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Hope your day is going well. I can never be piss off at you for not updating for several days. You're busy and I understand that. Yet, I am thrilled that you've updated chapter 2 of "Piper's Hidden Kiss". The song "Realize" by Colbie Caillat is lovely. Sometimes a simple word like realize can have such a meaningful context to it. I agree with you on this one, "Piper obviously has a lot of issues with her mother and it is up to Piper to turn into the person she wants to be". I will read and review chapter 2 of "Piper's Hidden Kiss" sometime tonight just for you Kate:)


KittyCat86 said...

Amazing! Really!! Are you willing to write a continuation on their story? Maybe it is asking for too much or maybe it won't be as good but I can't ever get enough of your stories and their endings tend to be great :D

Thanks for the update

I love Colbie Caillat too. She's one of my favorite singers at the moment and that music is amazing. You're right, it is perfect for The Prettiest Thing.

Amanda said...

Brillent as usual Kate. I love reading your stories because of how real they become and you can see into the lives of your characters. I love it and think it is great. I understand that you are busy but thank you for updating your stories and I cannot wait until your next update.

Anonymous said...

just read part 2 and I have to say it was really touching and well done. I welled up a little bit because the pictures you painted with your words were so vivid. I pictured Piper sleeping in a tight little ball in the bath tub while police swarmed everywhere. And I could imagine how she felt when she heard Chris reading the letter. Part relief and part anger. Very well done. I don't think it needs any more installments it is a great story as is. Full of hope and I think she will have a great romance with Chris and a great life ahead of her. I can see where you could build a great chapter story off of it, but sometimes when you have such a powerful piece nothing more in needed. Thanks for the update. Piper's Hidden Kiss made me smile.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful end for a beautiful 2 chapters story ^^

Anonymous said...

Aww really liked that, I think it ended in just the right place & if you ever did want to pick it up again in the future it's left wide open! Can't fault anything you do! Have a great weekend

L x

Akinogal said...

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