Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Will the Real Justin Please Stand Up?

So, I know I keep saying I found the perfect picture of Justin but honestly, I have been unable to match the vision in my head to any picture I can find. I know I say I found it but those always leave me unsatisfied and I keep looking. The pictures of Poppy are perfect. She is the spitting image of the vision I had of her when I first created her two years ago. Justin obviously is another story. I found a picture of a someone with the right black hair and the face. What do you think of this Justin?




Anonymous said...

He is hot! I would accept a lot of crap from any guy that hot. I have to say when I picture Justin another person I have in mind is Chris Evans from Fantastic 4 and the nanny Diaries. Check him out.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I like this Justin better. Can anyone say HOTTIE!!

Anonymous said...

Hands down this guy is the "real Justin" so no other need apply or stand up for the position. He is gorgeous, seriously. I laughed at your title for this post, haha.


Anonymous said...

This one is better than the precedent Justin you chose (Nathan from One tree hill) but doesn't he look a little old ?
The fist one you show us was good too ^^

bulma-veggie (french fan)

Anonymous said...

He's hot! He looks really familiar. Josh Hartnett perhaps? Anyways, I can't wait to read more.