Saturday, October 13, 2007

Character Pictures

Two main characters that are going to be quite important to the story in A Fairy Tale are Calvin Meeks, founder and president of Meeks Advertising and Caroline's boss, and Elizabeth Horner, an account executive at the company. They are going to be almost the fairy godmothers to Caroline during the story.




Anonymous said...

George Clooney seems spot on based on the brief discription in Ch. 1. I can see Halle Berry as the fairy godmother type too. I hope to read more soon.

Christina said...

ooo anything that has george clooney look-a-like character I'LL READ!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, can't wait for the upcoming meeting with Calvin. I love your creativity


Anonymous said...

I love how you have so many pictures for your characters. Usually I dislike looking at authors' posting up pictures of their characters because it totally ruins the image that I have in my head, but yours are just perfect.

The people you write about in your stories are all so attractive! And I love looking at the character pics you put up as well as reading your lovely feel-good stories.

I think the fanart is so cute as well. It's nicely photographed slash put together and AHH- I just love it all. Besides the font.

Anyways! [Sorry, this comment is taking forever.] I just wanted to say,

Thanks so much for writing.

and Hurry up on the writing! :]


Anonymous said...

I just noticed I said writing twice in the two sentences. And that I have a whole lot of other grammatically incorrect things.

SORRY! My writing is, obviously, a lot worse than yours.