Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Geography Master

I just have to write a quick apology. In chapter two of A Fairy Tale, I made a mistake in the layout of the city and unless you live or have lived in Chicago, you probably didn't catch it, but I said that Carrie lived near Loyola University and Logan Square. These two locations are not near one another - Loyola being in the NE and Logan Square being in the NW. I always envisioned Carrie living in one of the brownstones near Lake Michigan so just forget Logan Square. Carrie, Seth and Abby live on the NE side of the city, near Loyola University. Once again, sorry for the geography mishap.

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Anonymous said...

The area you describing is Rogers Park, or Edgewood. Loyola is in Rogers Park, but on the border of Edgewood.