Friday, October 19, 2007

My Reasons

With the rewrite of Wonderwall, I have had people re-read the original and one reader in particular left reviews for every chapter she read. Thank you for doing that and letting me know what you think of the original. I know Poppy's character is ridiculous inconsistent in the story and that was one thing I was not happy about. It was easier for me to write Justin in the original than it was for me to write Poppy. That was one of the reasons I wrote Even After All because I wanted to flesh Poppy out and make her more consistent and regular to herself. In the rewrite, I hope for Poppy to be more true to herself like she was in the first chapters of the original.

The original Wonderwall was not fleshed out at all in my opinion. It fell flat in so many parts of the story that I actually cannot read the original without cringing in some areas. It was my first attempt ever at writing romance and posting and I know now that I should have taken more time writing and editing. The rewrite is adding more to the plot and it is going to be longer and far more in depth than the original ever was. Also, some have commented that it is weird to see Justin not be such a jerk in the rewrite that he was in the original. Well, don't worry. We are only on the fourth chapter of a novel. Justin will have plenty of times to be the ass we all know and love.

I know many of you love the original of Wonderwall and I am so glad. That story opened me up to so many of the fans I still have to this day and I am grateful I wrote the story despite me being completely unsatisfied with it. I hope the rewrite of the Wonderwall is as much loved as the original because more time and effort is going into it in hopes of giving you a better story. And many are worried that I am going to take the original down. Why would I do that? Especially with so many people who love it. I am not taking any of my stories down so do not worry about that.


Cariad said...


I'm very curious about the rewrite since I love the original, but since I'm trying now not to read WIP anymore, I'll have to wait a bit ;)

Anonymous said...

OK so I loved the original, and I didn't think a re-write was necessary, but boy. . . . how your writing has grown. I think I always noticed that you were growing as a writer, but when you compare the 2 versions of the stories so far, it is like apples to oranges. You are really taking time in character development, and plot work up. You are letting us readers get involved in the storyline, and learn to love or hate the characters. You are very good at invoking emotions from you readers, now more that ever. I get excited when I see you have posted a new chapter of this or any other story because you truly allow me to escape reality for a few minutes. Thanks for being great.