Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Prize - New Chapter

Surprise! I wanted everyone to wake up and see that there is a new chapter of The Prize posted twenty-four hours ahead of schedule and I would like to inform everyone that there is. The chapter is titled The Carpal Tunnel of Love simply because I was listening to a song by that title at the time I was posting it. Slight spoiler: Tyson does not declare his undying love for Amy but really. I hope no one was expecting him to do something like that considering how out of character it would be for him but I was quite proud of Tyson in this chapter nonetheless. He took a big step for himself and did something that he probably wouldn't have done otherwise. Please read and review for me and most of all, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hi Kate!

imagine my surprise when i saw a brand new chapter! thank you so much for the early morning surprise!!! (: Tyson's so sweet!! *big sigh*


Lucy said...

This totally made my day =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie: I came here to your blog to do a count down. What a wonderful surprise to see it is already ready for me to read! Thank you! Judy

Anonymous said...

PS I love that picture of the hug. Hot & sweet

Anonymous said...

You rock, you made my day! I really liked this chapter because you really developed Tyson's character. You know . . . I was thinking for a guy who doesn't talk much why was he so darn talkative at that store, but now I know why, he was just having an open mouth insert foot moment. Maybe he is better off not talking! Anyway I loved the chapter. I'm happy to know what he is thinking, and I can't wait to see where you go next. I'm so happy he can say the right things somtimes, there is hope for him.

Shanna aka Devious622

Christina said...

before i even have a chance to go read it i just want to say.... YAY YOUR THE BEST!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got home from my parent's place and I immediately had to check and see what was new in your blog. Am I ever glad that I did. All I can say is a heartfelt thank you. I love the new chapter. Tyson is so sweet and I loved seeing the situation from his point of view. I'm glad that you didn't have Tyson react in a jealous way to Amy's message because this way just seems to fit his character. Loved the hug. Definitely an awww moment. Thanks again :)