Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Fairy Tale - Chapter One

I have officially posted the first chapter to my newest story A Fairy Tale on and though I don't know why, I also posted it over on Please read and review this story for me. I am excited for this one and I hope you all will be too. I am working on the next chapter of The Prize and hope to have that up within the next few days. I can't promise when though. I want to be completely satisifed with it before I post it so in the meantime, please read A Fairy Tale for me and let me know what you think. The first chapter has a lot of background and introductory information that will be important for you to know and to help move the story along. Later, I will post pictures of the other main characters for this story. Thank you for everything - for being patient with me, for reading my stories, for reviewing, for visiting this blog and letting me know what you think... just, thank you for everything. It means more to me than I can probably ever say.


Anonymous said...

hi Kate!

the first chapter seems promising! i love it already. (:


Anonymous said...

You are welcome =D

Yeah it's adult characters again, just like in "more than anyone" !! (by the way, are you gonna put the oneshot you wrote about that story, on AFF?)
A fairy tale >> It's a very good 1st chapter ^^


Anonymous said...

excellent 1st chapter, I am looking forward to reading the rest!

Anonymous said...

I really liked it and look forward to reading more of it. Seems pretty different from your usual offerings...