Monday, October 8, 2007

Dual Relationships

So, I am working on chapter four of my rewrite of Wonderwall and I just have a question that I have to ask. I am always trying new things with my writing and trying to improve and what better people to get opinions from than the people who have read my stories and know them the best? Yes, that would be all of you.

In my stories, do you like when I write about dual couples? Such as in The Lion and the Lamb, the story was not only about Patrick and Maddy but also about Graham and Beth. Do you like reading about dual relationships in a story or would you rather I simply focus on the main couple? And also, in Wonderwall, how do you like the characters of Preston Lansing and Kristen Fisher? I know that you do not know them well enough yet but they are the so-called other couple in the story and I just wanted to get a feel for what people thought of them. Please let me know about all of this. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Preston Lansing and Kristen Fisher>> I love dual couples it doesn't annoy me ^^ and I like this new couple very much =D


Anonymous said...

i love reading dual couples and Preston and Kristen are a great couple.

Anonymous said...

I call the 2-fers. I love them please, make Wonderwall a 2-fer!


Anonymous said...

I am usually not a big fan of the dual couples, unless one of the couples is generally established and we get to see how they progress. Or if the other couple is secondary enough that they aren't taking over the story.

In the case of Wonderwall with Kristen and Preston, I don't mind it because we already know the Justin and Poppy characters so it's okay to have another couple introduced.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I don't mind reading about both couples because I thought you did an excellent job on Patrick and Maddy and Graham and Beth in "The Lion and the Lamb" so go for it. I like the characters of Kristen and Preston but I don't have a connection with them yet. So if you make it a dual couple maybe I'll feel more connected to them as I read more about them.

Is that girl on your first fanart me!? Haha, she is sort of like me except my hair is more layered and choppier. Kate don't work yourself too hard. Thank you for asking our opinions.