Sunday, October 7, 2007

Picture Fun

I am glad everyone enjoys the pictures and fanart Lauren gives to me for my stories. I love everything she makes for me and I am glad that it is appreciated by you when I share it all. I was looking at these two new pictures and I decided to let you choose which couple they should represent. Tell me which couple you think of for picture 'a' and 'b'. I love these two pictures and I think they are adorable so which couple should be adorable with them? Lauren has so much fanart and pictures that with each update of a story, expect to see more.




Ree said...

I think A. should represent Brady and Ali!

Anonymous said...

I think like ree for the picture a ^^


Rachel said...

Ali and Brady for A. and Lawson and Nikki for B. because the girl looks as if she is trying to keep her skirt in her lap which is somethin gi imagined Nikki doing when Lawson wants to get "Under her skirt".

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I love these two pictures too. Finally you have a picture of a guy with tattoos! A. is definitely Ali and Brady because if my memory is correct they did meet each other that way when she came home early from visiting her mom. That "Blood and Honey" fanart is hot, sorry out of focus here but I did have to add that so tell your friend Lauren that I said it is a hot picture. For B. I would say Ryan and Rachel or Chase and Nikki. Sorry, can't decide either couple is fine. I'm gonna go read "The Prize" now.


Anonymous said...

hi kate!

i think A should be Tyson and Amy!! I don't know, something about those arms that remind me of Tyson.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate I think that

A) Tyson and Amy

B)Ryan and Rachel