Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ben and Olivia

It is no secret that More than Anyone featuring Ben Norfolk and Olivia Grange is a favorite among my readers and I must admit, that is one of the top stories I'm most proud of. Someone emailed me requesting that I post a couple more pictures of the couple and honestly, the actors I had chosen to help me visualize the characters are hard to find pictures of. The actor I have for Ben Norfolk is Nathan Phillips. I chose him because he has the buzzed hair, the general scruffy look, and the greenish-bluest eyes I pictured for Ben to have. Jamie Lynn Sigler, who is Olivia, is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood in my opinion and I think that she is exactly how I pictured Olivia in my head - dark looks, gorgeous yet modest, and graceful. Below, the picture of Ben shows his blue eyes, almost in an eerie way, and I love the photo of Olivia, showing almost her shyness perfectly. Enjoy!




Anonymous said...

Yeah my favorite couple and my favorite story ^^
I almost didn't recognize those actors, they don't look the same as in the precedent article you have writen and where you have put pictures of them! lol
but that's a great choice of actors ^^ (look at those blue eyes !!)
bulma-veggie (france)

Anonymous said...

Yes I really did like that story. I was one of those who asked for a follow up and I really liked the one shot follow up you did on them. Anyway I'm happy you at least posed a blog. I've been eagerly awaiting an update on The Prise of Flower Girl, but just by blogging you brightened my day because a post means you a feeling ok. Hope to get an update soon but at any rate please have a good holiday.


Anonymous said...

I have just read the prologue of 'The Flower Girl' and I must say, you've got me very much excited! I am looking forward to reading the next few updates on that! :) It is very different from everything else that you have written so far and I like the change. It shows your capabilities as a writer. Kudos to you! : ) Wouldn't mind knowing what was in the mind of the thief though. What got him to pull the trigger.. Or at least have her wonder that!