Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wonderwall Friends

Just out of curiosity, of the group of friends I have created in the Wonderwall series, which friend is your favorite?

1. Poppy Sheppard
2. Justin Aldridge (Atherton in the rewrite)
3. Chase Merra
4. Lawson Chambers
5. Brady Reed
6. Holden Smith
7. Abe Conway
8. Nikki Hawkins
9. Preston Lansing (from the rewrite)
10. Kristen Fisher (from the rewrite)
11. someone else?


Sara said...

My favorite couples were Justin and Poppy, and Chase and Nikki (I was sad when that didn't work out). But my favorite character in general was Poppy. You did such an amazing job creating and presenting her it felt like she was someone I acutally knew - don't worry I'm not like an obsessed fan who is sure your characters really exist. I hope she doesn't change too much in the rewrite either! ü

By the way, I know you are super busy with a million story ideas but one I would love to read would be Gretchen and Nate. From the glimpses we get in the first Wonderwall I have the feeling it would be an adorable, romantic story. So if by some miracle you someday have finished all your other ideas and have no idea what to do - write that one! ü

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

From Wonderwall, I love Poppy and Justin, when is not the "stupid guy" anymore, but first I love Brady.
After that there is Lawson also that I like a lot.

bulma-veggie (france)

Lucy said...

I like Lawson. I especially like the part where he sat down with Justin in class after Poppy wanted to take a break. Abe is loyal, so I like him too. While I'm excited to see that you've added new friends, I hope you don't get rid of the old ones. I think what gives your stories such cohesiveness is the different characters.

Lucy said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

How could you make me or us choose. It's like asking who is your favorite child, ice cream, candy, shoes, etc. I adore all of your first group characters. I adore Poppy because she is like the mother figure, Justin because he loves Poppy, haha, Chase because he's a good friend, Lawson is awesome, haha, Brady I must admit when he is not drugged up he and Abe are the apple of my eyes, haha. Holden is the funny one that will always have his friend's back. Nikki with her tough persona is actually a good friend that will be there forever. And you forgot Chester the friend who won't let you starve. As for the new characters they're new so I have no opinion of them yet. Thank you for creating such awesome characters Kate.


Anonymous said...

I cant quite pick but it's between Brady and Holden.

Anonymous said...

Poppy is an undisputed numero uno, of course. Your characterization of her in the orginal "Wonderwall" and the rewrite thus far is just superb--consistent, fluid, simply natural. I want to believe she's a real person cooped up in some Chicago bookstore.

But the running for second is very, very tight. And though you only asked for my favorite, I'm going to tell you Brady barely beats Abe, Holden, and Justin for second just because I love his and Ali's story so much.


Anonymous said...

..............its so hard to choice cause each character has a quality that makes u luv them. if i were to choice then i would say i pick holden. Holden is like the one guy that u wished was truly real just so u you would be able to look at him.

Anonymous said...

If I had to choose it would be between Brady and Holden. Although Preston and Kristen from the rewrite seem pretty interesting.


Anonymous said...

I like your new version too, the only thing i liked better about the old one was the last name, aldridge, i think i was drawn to it, but amazing, you are an amazing writer