Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wonderwall: Chapter Two

I just uploaded the second chapter of Wonderwall on and I hope to have it posted on soon enough. Please read the story for me and leave a review. Not that many people seem to be reading it and I hope it's not because the story isn't of quality. Please let me know and give me some feedback. This story is definitely more in-depth and detailed than the original and I hope everyone enjoys it.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading! Wow when you said rewrite, you really meant "as-in brand-new-project" rewrite. It's awesome though. What I'm absolutely loving about it is the polish and experience you've acquired since "Wonderwall" but it's still "Wonderwall". Did that make any sense? ^_^

I hope you're really pleased with how it's coming together (again) because I'm tempted to print and bind this one. hmmm...that's not a bad idea at all. Anyhow hope you and yours are doing well.

Take care dear. Wendee

Anonymous said...

I am reading Wonderwall, but my heart is still with The Prize.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a departure from the original, and it seems good. I am interested to see how much the story changes and how much of the bare bones remain the same.

That said, I agree with a previous poster that my heart is still with "The Prize" and would love to see that finished. I hope inspiration for that story returns...