Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak to my newest story In a Red Dress and Alone, the follow-up story for Reed Simms and Cami Hall. Read and let me know what you think so far. Thanks!

“I should have kept your baby crib,” Rose Hall sighed, pressing her hand to her forehead as she looked around the small bedroom. “I wasn’t expecting to ever need it again but now…”

“Mom, it’s okay. I promise,” Cami Hall tried to reassure her mother as she shifted her fourteen-month-old daughter, Rory, on her hip as she also looked around the small bedroom that had once been the bedroom she had grown up in. “She’ll just sleep on the bed with me and I’ll surround her with pillows. She’ll be just fine.”

Rose nodded her head but she still looked a bit uneasy about a baby sleeping in such conditions. Cami’s cell phone began to ring and holding Rory with one arm, Cami reached into her messenger bag slung onto her shoulder. Looking down at the caller i.d. on the phone however, Cami promptly dropped it back into her bag. She had just driven five hours to get away from him. She didn’t want to pick up his calls just yet.

“Is it him?” Rose asked though the answer was fairly obvious.

Cami nodded her head then turning her back to her mother, she looked out the window, which only offered a view of the apartment building next door. She rested a cheek on Rory’s head and sighed softly, closing her eyes. At least he had called. She honestly hadn’t been expecting him to. She was surprised that he already noticed she had left. It wasn’t as if Cami had fallen out of love with Reed Simms, her boyfriend of the past three years. If possible, she loved him more now than she did when they first started dating. But she knew that something like this would happen. It had been building up for three years and she shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Cami, I know it isn’t any of my business but…” Rose sighed. “You should at least let him know that his daughter is alright.”

The phone beeped, signaling that there was a voice message and Cami sighed softly. She wanted to listen to it. She wanted to know what he had to say. She just didn’t know if she should. The instant she heard his voice, she knew her resolve would begin to break and this was one instance in her life when she had to remain strong. She couldn’t go back to him – not this time. They loved each other. Cami wasn’t questioning Reed’s feelings for her. She knew he loved her but they had reached a point in their relationship when that wasn’t enough. There was so much more she wanted than love and that was what seemed to be destroying their relationship.

She wanted things that Reed expressed no desire in having. It didn’t matter that they shared a fourteen-month old daughter together. Reed and Cami were growing apart. They were becoming two very different people and Cami didn’t know if they were two people bound to be together. She didn’t know much of anything at the moment but she did know that Reed was just as lost as she was. Perhaps spending some time apart would help them both think some things out and come to some decisions that they desperately needed to make.


Steph said...

I love it. There is just so much potential in that short preview, that I'm really really ready to read the rest.

Anonymous said...

That is a amazing start to the story. I think it is fantactic!

Anonymous said...

What a tease! ^_^ I'm anxious to read this (as with anything else you write). I like the idea that not everyone jumps into marriage readily (kids or no)--especially since it's Reed and all things considered, I can expect it of him.


Anonymous said...

I love the teaser of this story, I can't wait to read more!!!

CĂ©line said...

Can't wait for that! <3
The teaser is amazing... ^^
( First time here but not the last ! )
Thank you for all your great stories kate =)