Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chase and Nikki

It occurred to me that I never posted a picture of Chase Merra when I was posting pictures of all of the friends from the Wonderwall series. I had already posted a picture of Nikki Hawkins but honestly, I never liked that picture I used. Now, I am not the biggest fan of hers but every time I write Nikki, I always seem to picture Lindsay Lohan in my mind - she has that wild child bitchy vibe to her that is absolutely Nikki's personality. I am satisfied with these pictures that I have chosen to portray the couple. Please enjoy.




Anonymous said...

I already told you that I didn't like Nikky first (especially because of her behavior with Cecilia and Lawson), but then I saw the first picture you post of her and It kind of change my mind about her, I didn't dislike her anymore, but now if you see her more like Lindsey Lohan well ... I suppose that I will re-change my mind about her lol not because I don't agree with you (it's your character after all !!!) but because I suppose that the other picture made her appear less 'bitchy' ^^

Bulma-veggie (France)

Anonymous said...

I love Lindsey, as screwed up as she is she is still beautiful,at least when she is not looking drugged out, plus it really doesn't matter, When I get caught up in the stories although the pictures give me a frame of reference I get caught up in the story. I wouldn't think of her as Lindsey, but as Nikki. Only a good author can transport you like that, and I know Templeton is the best.