Saturday, September 22, 2007


So, I don't know if it's just me, but I adore the way Tyson and Amy look together. I think they are gorgeous and I am glad that I chose the particular actors that I did to represent them. I found more pictures of the two and I just wanted to post them because I like to look at them. I am working on the next chapters of both The Prize and Wonderwall and I will notify you all when I finish those and post them on Enjoy the pictures!




Anonymous said...

I love this, story. . . I love that Tyson doesn't talk much and Amy loves to talk. I love that fact that Amy doesn't even like the sound of someone being punched, much less the sight of it, but she is drawn to a boxer. I love the way she finds herself liking him even though she doesn't think she should. I love the way Tyson doesn't know what he is feeling but knows he doesn't want it to stop or change. I love the way that even after winning a fight it doesn't make him feel like a victory until he is with her. I love the way that since he isn't much into talking (an understatement) he is has had to find different ways to communicate his feelings. Especially since when he does talk he has a way of putting his foot in his mouth. I can't wait to read how they overcome this communication barrier as only you can relate it. How will he apologize, and let her know that he really likes her. Maybe he will just tell her, or maybe he will just keep showing up but I know that it will be expertly written when you finish. You have a special way of writing where I feel like I can feel what the characters are feeling, and I empathize with them as if you are telling a true story. I allow myself to fall in love with the characters as if they were my close personal friends. I don''t know if you knew your writing touches people like that but it does. You are Brilliant and I just know you will get a book deal, Hands Down!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie: I am thankful to Shanna for what she wrote about The Prize. I can say "ditto" to everything that she says. I am so happy that you are going to continue writing this story I really love the way that Tyson & Amy look. They fit well together. T
Thanks for writing!

Christina said...

YAY! You're amazing and if people don't tell you that enough just ask me to remind you!

Anonymous said...

Chin up, Kate!

Your fans are still around.. just busy. Over the last one month I have made the biggest move in my life: thousands and thousands of miles for university after over a year off from the whole world of academia.

Do bear with me. I absolutely love your writing to bits. Ben and Olivia, the Wonderwall friends.. I will get down to reading some of your rewritten work slowly as I have a hundred and one things to do for school!

We're still here! And love you!

Kina x