Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wonderwall Rewrite

I am officially working on a rewrite of my first story ever Wonderwall and am planning to post it on this time instead of on I will let everyone know when I am finished with the first chapter. I am excited about this. I have read all of my stories over and I am probably most unsatisfied with Wonderwall just because it was my first story and I was definitely honing my skills while I wrote that. I want to make it better. Justin and Poppy are my favorite couple that I created and I want to do them justice by writing the story that they deserve. I finally, FINALLY, found the perfect picture of Justin. This is just how I imagined him and described him in the story - black unruly shaggy hair, curly when wet, blue eyes, and pale skin. And of course, the model/actress used for Poppy is the spitting image of her that I had in my head while writing her character.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie:
They are a very attractive couple.
I am looking forward to this rewrite. I just recently read this story while I am waiting for an update on The Prize. Still keeping my fingers crossed that you will finish that one!