Monday, September 17, 2007

Wonderwall: Chapter One

I have just posted the first chapter of my Wonderwall rewrite on and hope to have it posted on by this evening as well. As most know, this was my first story written and posted so it has a special place in my heart. Please read and review it for me. A lot, A LOT, has changed from the original so let me know what you all think so far. Thank you and to those who still read this blog (I'm not sure if too many actually still read this) but thank you to you too.


Judy said...

Hi Kate:
I read everything that you write even your blog page because reading that sort of lets me know what you are working on.
Wonderwall same couple and same people=different story.
It's amazing how many different ways that you can approach your stories.
Thanks for writing.

Sara said...

Wow...this is going to be a totally different story! And I can't wait!! Looks like you changed/added/deleted some characters but that will make it all the more interesting!

And I totally always read your blog - it's one thing to read your stories, it's another to read about you. ü

By the way, will you be keeping the original "Wonderwall" story on AFF? I love to go back and re-read your old work, and that is one of my faves. Even though you don't think it's your best work, I hope you don't completely disregard it.

Can't wait for the whatever you post next!

Anonymous said...

Very good restart of this story so far ^^ And with new character !!!
Yeah ! can't wait for the update!!

I didn't like nikki first, her behaviour..., but when you wrote her story with abe and lawson I gave her a "new chance" and now I kind of "like her, well I don't dislike her's mayber because I love Lawson too lol

I still read your blog of course, and I will still read it êven from France lool

bulma-veggie (France)