Monday, September 17, 2007

Preston and Kristen

In my rewrite of Wonderwall, there have been many changes. One change has been giving Justin's best friend, Preston, more depth and characterization. Also, I have added a new character, Kristen Fisher, Poppy's best friend. I am unsure still whether or not I will have the character of Nikki Hawkins in this version. Below are pictures of Preston and Kristen. Please read Wonderwall either on or and let me know what you think. This rewrite is going to be a novel. It is going to be far more in-depth and detailed and it will move slower than the original. Let me a comment or a review. Thank you.




Anonymous said...

yes people still check your Blog. I know I do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I'm still reading your blog but not as often though due to a big distraction call school. Kate since you've changed "Wonderwall" a lot as you've mentioned in one of your post and there might not be a Nikki character then will Poppy not know her other friends such as Brady, Abe, etc. as well? How are you going to relate this new Poppy to the one in the other stories as well? For some reason I'm being so inquisitive today.

You are such a tease Kate. Please post "In a Red Dress and Alone" sometime in the near future, haha. I can't believe you would expect us to be patient after reading that sneak peak. Enough of my rambling I'm going to read your new version of "Wonderwall".