Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reed and Cami

I know a lot of people wanted a continuation of Reed and Cami’s story after Beyond the Grey Sky was completed and I actually have an idea in my head but I wanted to post the possible synopsis and get people’s opinion on it. The story would take place three years after the initial story ended and this could either be a one-shot or a short multi-chaptered story.

Reed Simms and Cami Hall have been together for three years and have a two-year old daughter, Rory. But the couple is going through a rough patch. Cami wants to get married. Reed does not. The story will explore their past and present lives together as both try to figure out whether or not they have a future as a couple.

Although it sounds like it will be angst-filled, and parts of it will be, the flashbacks of the couple’s past during the last three years and some present moments as a family will be cute and fluffy since Reed and Cami had very little of that in their debut story. Let me know if this story sounds interesting and I will try to begin working on it. I know Reed and Cami need another story since reading Beyond the Grey Sky even depressed me and I wrote it. So let me know if this is something you would like to read. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

That sounds great! I'd love to read that, and Rory is such a cute name for a girl!

Judy said...

I would love to read another story about Cami & Reed. The plot sounds great. I love happy ending love stories!

Anonymous said...

it sounds really great. but dont make it too angst filled because they are my favourite couple. i think it should be a one-shot.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like a great story i cant wait to read it because all your stories are really fascinating

Anonymous said...

It soumds great I liked this couple so I would love to see more of them. I agree that their 1st story was angsty so light hearted is the way to go. I LOVE Just Plain Ole Romance. Those are my favorite. I think because I have so little of it in my personal life. Write and I will Read.