Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Wedding Party

I don't know how anyone else reacted but I was completely shocked by Heath Ledger's death earlier today. I have always enjoyed him as an actor and I was eagerly anticipating his turn as the Joker in the newest Batman movie this coming summer. I actually had a story brewing in my head for some time with him imagined as one of the characters and with his death today, I wanted to post the idea for everyone to read. This story would be a one-shot or possibly a short multi-chaptered story. I was going to work on it after A Fairy Tale and The Wit of the Staircase but now, I am feeling inclined to work on it sooner rather than later.

The Wedding Party
At the wedding of Charlie Harlow and Tracey Crawford, the maid of honor, Nora Fleming, and the best man, Tim Dorman, are in the same room for the first time since their break-up two years earlier. As the reception stretches late into the night, Nora and Tim will both reminisce on their relationship that was once deemed perfect by everyone who knew them and try to make sense of their reasons for breaking up in the first place. Four best friends, one wedding, one night and one last chance.






twinklingdee said...

I think it would be a cute one-shot... and definitely different from what you've done in the past. I too was stunned to hear the news about Heath Ledger... I kept thinking that there must be some other Heath Ledger that I just don't know about... weird.

Take care, Kate.


Anonymous said...

That's sad, so young and already .... I mean I wasn't a "groupie" but he was a great actor, and anyway to hear about someone's death, especially so young, it's always a shock and a sad new !
Your one-shot seems like a great cute story ^^
bulma-veggie french fan.

SFC Omicron said...

Yeah. I heard about that as soon as I got out of the shower before I left for work. My mother-in-law told me and I was pretty much floored.

Anyway, I should get back to checking on your work, and good luck to you on your novel. Take my word for it, it's a huge step, but with your talent, I'm sure it's one you can take with no problem.

alessandra said...

I was also quite shocked! it was soo sad..

This idea sounds really good, and I can't wait to read it

Amanda said...

I was shock to hear about it and it is a sad thing because he was one of the great actors I have ever seen. I think you should do the story after or even now because I think it would be great. May Heath Ledger Rest in Peace.

GirlFixer said...

I can't say I was ever a huge fan of Heath Ledger's, but it's still a tragic loss. He was so young. And this is coming not long after Brad Renfro's death [which really upset me as he's in one of my all time favourite movies].

I really like the idea of that one shot though :)


Line said...

Nice plot :) I really like it, it sounds cute. It would enjoy it, for sure.

I'm sad about Heath's death. He was an amazing actor and I liked him because he did mind about what he played. He didn't want to be a playboy and I think about his little girl who's only 2 years old. It's really a pity.

Hina said...

Another one of your great ideas that I hope to read soon!

I, like everyone else, was shocked as well. So young, talented and with a family. It's truly heartbreaking! It reminded me of Aaliyah's death back when she was at the peak of her singing career.