Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Thursday

I have my brother and sister coming to visit me this weekend and my sister arrives tonight so I am not sure if I will be able to update at all this weekend until Sunday evening. A Fairy Tale is going to have three more chapters - the third being a short epilogue - so that story is nearly complete. I hope to have it finished within the week. As for The Prettiest Thing, I was looking over the original outline I had made for this story and though I have tweeked some things, I have kept most of the plot in tact. This story could easily be 30 or more chapters. I do not know if you all are interested in reading such a long story or if you grow bored with it and want something else. Please let me know in the comments section. Tell me what you really think - not what you think I want to hear. If enough people agree about it being too long, then I will do some editing and see how that goes story and plotwise.

I received an email from reader Tracey earlier this morning:

"Hi, Kate. I found some pictures last night while I was supposed to be doing homework. The first reminds me of Jim and Layla from Bus Stop because of the rain and since I haven't seen you post any art for that story, I wanted to hopefully give you your first. Also, the second picture reminded me of Trevor and Joy from The Prettiest Thing for reason other than it is a dark-haired male and a blonde-haired girl sitting on a bench at a football field. I hope you like them."

Check out Tracey's pictures below and remember that you can send me anything you want in regards to my stories - except flames or nasty emails. I love and appreciate everything I get from all of you. Also, reader Amanda sent me a bunch of pictures for The Prettiest Thing and I will post those when I update another chapter. I didn't want her to think that I forgot about her. I am working on the sixth chapter of The Prettiest Thing and I really hope to get that up before my sister comes tonight. Thank you.


KittyCat86 said...

Hi! As far as I'm concerned, long stories can be good, really good in fact, if they are well-written and aren't very repetitive. Sometimes a story has given everything it had but the author keeps pushing, making it very boring and uninteresting.

I've read all your stories and I love them all, even the longer ones. I think you can make it a great story no matter its length. So I'm behind whatever decision you make regarding The Prettiest Thing, since I believe this is a good story that promises a lot!

Anonymous said...

I agree with kittycat86. I have read all of the stories that you have posted and I have loved them all.

Having said that, I can tell you that anything you write will be awesome and amazing, no matter how long you make it, I will read it.

I've told you this before but I will say it again, your work is amazing and I love it, keep writing for us and I will continue reading it.


GirlFixer said...

The Prettiest Thing is fast becoming my favourite story of your's, so as far as I'm concerned, the more chapters the better :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with kittycat86: stay away from repetition and you should be fine for a long story. I think the way you have set this story up with the descriptive nature of each chapter and inclusion of pretty in depth storylines for your secondary characters that you can easily make this a long story that people will like to read. Because there is such a large scope already, you have so many places you could take this story and these characters.

If you feel it is something you will abandon however, maybe you should just keep it a shorter story. As someone who gets annoyed or maybe moreso disappointed with unfinished stories, I'd prefer a shorter finished story to a longer unfinished one. Just my opinion.

Obviously whatever you decide, run with it. Ultimately it is and should be your decision.


tata12772 said...

Myself I enjoy your longer stories as much as the shorter ones...I love the character build that goes along with the longer stories...Keep up the great work...Have a fun weekend with the siblings.

Tiffany said...

I would actually like a longer story. I don't like when it ends too quickly cause I miss it. So make it as longggg as you think it should be!

Sarah said...

As with the other comments you are definitely talented enough to write a longer story. I personally love a longer tale especially with proper character developement which is something you excel at.
Of I am wanting The Prettiest Thing to continue for a while as it is rapidly becoming my favorite of your stories.

Gwen said...

Reading long stories doesn't bother me at all !
I think this story is becoming my favorite, I'm eager to read a new chapter every day or once in a week (I know it's not always possible for you to post everyday).
I just like the characters and I'm not afraid by 30 chapters.
I also think that this story has a great potential so you can develop it.
I like the way you're writing it with descriptions. It reminds me of some authors that liked to descrive evrything like Henri Troyat (French author).
I'm sure this story will be great !
Have a nice day !

Amanda said...

I believe that your stories should take you as long as the story should. I have no problem reading a long story and such a wonderful one at that. I love the pictures and it does remind me of the characters alot. Keep up the great work Kate because all of your stories are brillent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

If "The Prettiest Thing" ends up being thirty or more chapters I wouldn't be surprise because of how detail and descriptive the story is. Kate what I think is that a story shouldn't be made long or short or given a specific number of chapters. Just go with where the story takes you.

And about you not updating fast enough is crazy. You update faster than I can read or review. Kate, just update whenever you feel like it don't let people pressure you to. Us humans are like that the more you give the more we take. Just tell this person to chill out and go have an ice cream or something, haha. Have fun this weekend with your brother and sister.

And Lauren's fanart was beautiful. Liked the colors and Ella's eyes and cool pictures from Tracey. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

30 more chapters if they are good are just 30 chapters of delight for me, and sine I know they will be good (Look who is writing them) I look forward to them. Can't wait for chapter 6. I know I shouldn't expect daily update but a girl can dream right?


Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer longer stories. Sometimes with the shorter ones it's harder for me to get emotionally involved, to the point where I enjoy and admire the characters. If done well, longer stories generally mean that you have a chance to really enter their world and feel a part.

I have long thought that you should lengthen your stories, really flesh them out and take your time telling the story so I am excited to see that this one might be so long! I am anxious to see where you go with "The Prettiest Thing" and am looking forward to an update.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree, The Prettiest Thing is become one of my favorite too!!! So, the longer the story gets, it will be even better! Hopefully you can update Fairy Tale soon!!! Really can't wait to read the next chapter!!

Anonymous said...

It is Monday,

I hope you had a great weekend, with your family. Still not pressure to update, but if you want to make my day . . .