Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chapter Seven - A Fairy Tale

I posted chapter seven of A Fairy Tale over on so as always, please read and review that for me. I had hopes for this chapter but I honestly have no idea if I accomplished what I wanted to. I don't know how I feel about it so please let me know how you think it turned out. In the next chapter to come, Andrew and Carrie will be having sex and there will be more drama to come their way in the form of Jason.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to read it, and I'm happy you are back. Please don't be discourged!


Hina said...

I've already replied on, but I thought I'd do it here as well.

I thought this chapter was more of a filler for everything that's to come. As I said before, it was a very sweet chapter and put a smile on my face (especially since they both love each other! I was excited about that).

This chapter did set up their relationship when before it was all up in the air--that's what I think you accomplished with this chapter but I'm not sure if that's what you wanted to accomplish or not.

Either way, it's still a great chapter! :-)

KittyCat86 said...

*sigh* I just love this story and I love Carrie and Andrew so much!! They're so cute and sweet, the chapter was great!
Thank you so much for the update :D

Anonymous said...

That was an essential chapter to remind us and remind Andrew that there are a family already in that story, a sweet new family chapter. And it gave them the moment to go to another level in their relationship ^^
bulma-veggie french fan .

Christina said...

sooo I can't wait to read the chapter...but I'm going to have to wait until finishes their "daily moment of downtime" which is only suppose to last like 15 minutes but in reality is more like 45-60 minutes. I AM going to wait for it to finish though b/c I'm dying to read this chapter. I'm sure it'll be great!

Anonymous said...

Another GREAT chapter! Like hina said, it was a filler chapter - but it was a much needed filler. It kind of cemented all the thoughts and feelings of the characters without being anywhere NEAR boring.

You have such a talent for writing - most writers have terrible filler chapters, they are boring and don't really do their job. But you are able to write chapters that dont contain a lot of plot, but still suck the reader in.

Can't wait for chapter 8! (But take your time - that's just to let you know I'm excited, not complaining) :)