Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Fairy Tale - Chapter Six

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had fun last night and that everyone was safe. Thank you to everyone who sent me New Years messages. I, without a doubt, have the best readers a writer could ever ask for.

I just posted the sixth chapter of A Fairy Tale on AFF.net so read and review it for me. Just an advanced warning: chapter six is extremely long compared to the other previous chapters. I couldn't seem to stop writing it and I didn't have the heart to cut it or chop it into two installments. Next chapter, Calvin and Elizabeth will return as well as more time between Andrew, Carrie and Abby. I hope you all enjoy the update and I am so happy that there are so many of you that are loving Andrew and Carrie's fairy tale love story. Read, review and enjoy the new year! Thank you.

Carrie's Dress


KittyCat86 said...

Happy New Year!

As usual great chapter :D I'm glad you didn't cut the chapter. It would have been a mean cliffhanger :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the New Year's gift. Very Cute chapter. It makes me long for my very own fairy tale.


Sara said...

Yet again, a WONDERFUL chapter - you never cease to amaze me when it comes to your stories.

I have to agree is kittycat though - cutting the chapter would have been a very mean cliffhanger!! So I'm VERY glad you gave us such a treat with that extra long chapter. :)

Patiently awaiting your next update :D


Stacy said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Kate!

Wonderful chapter, and that dress is hot!