Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Wednesday

I hate going days without posting anything on this blog because I know people check it regularly and I also know that some of you wonder where I am or what I am up to. I'm sorry for lack of updates here since Saturday. How is everyone on this freezing cold Wednesday? Well, it's freezing cold for me anyway. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far. I am working on the eighth chapter of A Fairy Tale, which I am super-excited about, and I rarely use the words "super-excited" to describe things.

I am also working on another one-shot but that will only be posted on Fictionpress since I have decided to post all of my one-shots there from now on and post my multi-chaptered stories on AFF, since my larger fanbase is there. I also made a picture slideshow to A Fairy Tale with pictures of the somewhat large cast of characters but I am an idiot because I am trying to figure out now how to post it. I have never used this particular program before but I'm loving making videos. Hopefully, one day, I can actually share them with you. Leave a comment for me if you want. Let me know how you are, what you're up to... I want to get to know everyone better this year - one of my new year's resolutions.


Anonymous said...

Happy cold wednesday lol! here it too it's so cold ^^"
bulma-veggiefrench fan

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:
You are a super nice person. I am one of your readers that does check this blog a lot and it is nice to hear from you. I am very much enjoying Fairy Tale now that I am not obsessing over The Prize. I am looking forward to your characters getting more intimate.
Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate,
It's freezing in Quebec(Canada) too! But the sun is surprisingly shining brightly, so that's a plus to my day. I can't wait for the next chapter of A Fairy Tale, Andrew and Carrie are such an amazing couple together. I'm also very eager, as always, to read this one shot you are talking about. Maybe I didn't read properly, but could you tell us which couple(s) will be featured in it? Or do you not know yet?

Anyways, have a wonderful rest of the day!


GirlFixer said...

It's surprisingly nice weather here in Scotland - nice to get a break from torrential rain! But instead of making the most of the lovely weather by going out, I opted to stay in my pyjamas and have a movie day! Been feeling a bit off, so lazy days are welcome :] Hope you're well, I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter of A Fairy Tale.


Anonymous said...

Down here in PerĂº, it is finally starting to be summer! It is nice to hear from you and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter of A Fairy Tale, I love Andrew, Carrie and little Abby! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I think it is awesome that you have fans all over the world. It's freezing here in the east coast as well. I think were expecting snow tomorrow or sometime this week and I am tired. Thanks for asking. How are you? Don't apologize for the lack of updates. I haven't had time to read chapter 7 of "A Fairy Tale" until today.

And maybe you could do a picture slideshow of Poppy and the gang someday because that would be awesome as well. Kate did you ever posted a picture of Chester and Eve? If not is there a possibility that you could sometime in the future when you have time. And I wanted to add that Tracy's book cover for "A Wit of the Staircase" is simple yet beautiful and I really like the characters are in black which contrasted well with the beautiful blue.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kate, you truly have an international fan base! Well I'm right here in Michigan and let me tell you it is COLD! It is so cold I don't want to leave the house today and if I had any talent in writing I would probably get a whole steamy love scene done just to warm me up, but seeing as were I have no talent like that I guess I will have to read one of your! Have a great day, and thanks for the mid week check up even if I'm just responding on Sat. I hope you are enjoying your new year.