Saturday, September 6, 2008

TPT Rewrite - Chapters 5 & 6

Chapters five and six of The Prettiest Thing are now up on to be read and reviewed. Parts have been changed or added so be sure to read and review for me. I would really appreciate it. I am posting this story again since everyone seemed to want to read it again and also, I wanted it up for when I continue with With Me. Please, please, please review. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love chapter 5!! That was my favorite chapter the first time you posted it, and it still is! Such a cute moment in the start of Brett & Ella's relationship!!! :) I'm so happy you are reposting this story - it's by far my favorite!! And all the subtle little changes and adds/edits are so fun to look for!! :)

Keep up the amazing work my friend!

littlewiseone said...

As I re-read TPT I'm trying to see how this version is different from the original. I don't see huge changes and I'm happy because I loved the original. In chapter 5 I thought Brett explained how he was feeling (after the 1st kiss) a little better this time around, but I have to say, he was still a jerk. But a lovable jerk all the same. Please keep up the excellent work.. I like the way Trevor and Joy are progressing as well. I think the 1st time around I was so focused on Brett and Ella I was not prepared to accept the Trevor and Joy relationship nearly as much, I'm very open to is, and can't wait to see what changes you make to their relationship as you re-write..