Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art and Thought

Thank you so much to Emilie for the art you have made for The Prettiest Thing featuring Brett and Ella and I promise to post the others you made as well. It is beautiful and thank you for taking the time to do that for me.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that maybe templeton21 has run her course on and maybe on this blog too. Everyone has gotten so busy, myself included. I hate being busy because I feel like I have no time whatsoever to read anymore - which is my second favorite thing to do next to writing. My stories no longer have the popularity, I feel, as they once did on that site. Maybe people are moving on to newer, fresher authors. My inspiration has really struck me though for Ghetto Gospel - which I know many of you do not like - and The Flower Girl - which many find too strange to read. I love them though. I told my friend, Alex, that as a writer, I love exploring new things and testing my writing skills. I want to be different. I do not want to be trapped in a box of writing high school romance stories. I want to look beyond that and tap into different genres and issues.

Sorry for the rambling. I just have a lot of thoughts in my head that I wanted to get out and that is the whole purpose of blogs. There are a lot of you that I have not heard from in a while - people who have been with me since practically the beginning and I am scared that I have lost you as well. I hope everyone is healthy and well and I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. Thank you. And thank you to Emilie again for the art.


Anonymous said...

OMG i am definatly still reading all your stories. i love them!

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely still reading! I've just stared college a few weeks ago so when I come home at the weekends i'm so busy catching up with everyone I don't have time to review! I have read everything you have read recently & i'm really sorry I haven't reviewed most things but once everything settles down again I promise to make more of an effort to give feedback!

Personally I think there's been a lack of good stories recently on fictionpress. That's probably just me so i've taken to reading back over old one-shots & stories!

Don't feel like people aren't interested though you have an amazing talent so don't let it go to waste! I'm really loving GG & TFG at the moment so i'd love if you kept writing them. I will get around to reviewing as often as I can as well!

Look after yourself.

L x

Anonymous said...

the hardest thing about writing is lose focus of why you write. its so difficult to please other people that sometimes you forget why you started in the first place - because you enjoy it! As a children's writer i can honestly tell you that it is a difficult industry to work in, especially once you gain popularity and momentum nationally and globally. And the hardest thing is when your books are made into films, shows etc. So i hold the one thing that has always got me through, i write because its who i am, its part of my very being and once i deviate from what pleases me i feel a loss, like the world has shifted - and i am no longer unique. As a writer its taken me years to find my comfort zone, develop as a writer and find that style which makes me unique. It was a struggle to make it into the industry but thats what makes seeing your name inbig print worth it. Keep going,i've always wanted to tell you that you have inspired me, so thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading too as you know lol but it's normal to have up and down in your reviews, some times many readers and some times fewer that's how it goes unfortunately for you ^^

As for wanting to change your way of writing I believe it's something that will come naturally from you (it has been the case since Flower girl, and I love it the same as your older stories XD), but now it's normal to wait some time to have new readers back who will love this new kind of work from you and to lose others .

bulma-veggie sorry for my poor vocabulary ^^"

Anonymous said...

I love reading ALL of your stories!!!!

Paula said...

I'm not sure if I'm one of the people you're really wanting to hear from, lol, but I do check your blog daily, and I leave comments every now and again.

I have been looking after my mum a lot recently, but everytime I do get a moment to myself, I love nothing better than putting on some music and reading your stories - I always re-read them. Usually I shy away from reading while there's music on, as I like to have quiet, but there's something about your stories, plus music that really works, I can't really explain.

Anyway, I'm definitely still reading your stories. Hope you're well.


Naoise said...

I'm still reading! I adore The Flower Girl and I reviewed the latest chapter. I haven't read Ghetto Gospel yet but I will.

I love your stories Kate and anything you write.

Anonymous said...

I've just started college as well, and it's pretty hard to read sometimes, but I honestly am in love with your work. It really brightens my day. I really hope that you do not stop writing the stories you have posted now. They are so amazing, and I promise to comment on every single one! And PLEASE continue posting The Prettiest Thing. That story is amazing and it always makes me smile on a bad day.

Thank you so much for writing, and please don't give up. You are too amazing to do that!

Anonymous said...

i have an account on fp and i deffinately have you as a favorite author and you're on my author alert list. i've been reading your stuff since Better Together was first put onto aff and since then i've read most of your older stuff and all of your newer works. even though i don't always review, i am a loyal reader and would thus be unhappy if you stopped writing what you wanted to write.

Anonymous said...

i'm still reading all of your stories...i still read the archived works too. i just haven't really had the time to write or review lately. i try to read early in the morning before i leave for work and that is how i use the little free time that i have. please don't think that i've disappeared or that i am no longer a loyal fan. as i have time to write...i will do so. please just continue to write and i will continue to loyally read.


Emilie C. said...

I love your stories.
But I will have to admit that I haven't read GG and TFG yet because I like reading a couple stories at a time cause if I read more I get my stories messed up and then I get all confused! I'll definitely read them after though.
You're such an amazing writer and if you ever stop writing, A LOT of people will be extremely sad, me being one of them!

Also you have to remember that some people are too lazy to review, it doesnt mean that they don't read it. I know I shouldn't, but sometimes I don't review on stories even if I love them :s
And you can't please everyone,that's impossible!

You need to relax and just write because you love it...and because you have a lot of fans that can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Tessa said...

Am still Ghetto Gospel...just started school..been really busy

littlewiseone said...

I will admit I have been guilty of not reviewing. I'm sorry. I haven't said much about TPT because I have told you how I feel about this story and these character several times. As for Ghetto Gospel, I'll admit I haven't read it at all, I will tonight. As for the Flower Girl. I will have a review on it tonight. I love your stories, you as an author, and your character but it is just a busy time of year. You will see in 2 by the end of October you will have all of us hounding you for chapters.
I'm sorry you haven't felt supported and I will get better.

Curly0406 said...

I have been reading your stories for a long time, and I love them all. I have just been waiting for you to update the story that follows TPT, sorry I can't recall the title right now. I also check your blog almost everyday, in hopes of an update!

I hope you are doing well and keep up the great writing!!

Jen said...

I'll add to those who said they haven't reviewed lately. I have written a couple of reviews for TPT (revised version. But I reviewed just about every single chapter of the original and this one is pretty much the same as the original with just a few subtle differences, so I really have nothing new to add in a review because I've said it all before. And as much as I loved TPT, I would be more excited to see a new chapter of The Nicest Thing, A Slow Burn, Nothing Else Matters, or Ella and Brett's story between TPT and TNT.

I guess what it all comes down to though is if you feel you don't have the time or passion to write, then don't. As a fan of your work, that would sadden me, but I'd accept it and just revisit your older stories until you decide to start writing again. I hope that you do continue though, because even though I don't have as much time as I once did I always check your blog and look forward to your updates.


Michelle W said...

i still look for updates to your stories...but i guess i need to check FictionPress, not AFF.

Love and Life said...

You haven't lost me and this is Dove by the way. I am still reading the remake of 'Prettiest Things'. I'm sorry, I haven't review on your stories...I will try my best to do so.

Keep doing what you love to do and if you want to challenge yourself of writing differents stories, go ahead it isn't bothering me or your fan readers. Keep you head held up high and have love in within yourself and your heart.

Luv ya!!


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a reader, not much of a reviewer. But when I read that you think not many people read your stories anymore, it sadden me because if you don't write then what I am going to read. Your stories are too good not to be shared.

Noelle said...


I'm so sad to hear that you're even thinking about discontinuing posting. If you ever do make that decision, please let us know where you're going next. I definitely want to encourage you to explore different genre's. Ghetto Gospel isn't one of my favorites, but I can appreciate any well-written story (unless it's slash; that I find no enjoyment in). I also love "Flower Girl." I'm such a huge reader and it's such a treat finder authors who can actually plot out a story with great characters and wonderful dialogue. Whatever your decision, I hope you let us continue to support your writing!

Anonymous said...

Like I have said numerous times before I love your work and I still read it. I can't wait for more new stuff and I still read the old.

As far as finding newer fresh authors on any site...I agree with some of the comments made already...It's really hard to find the good ones so when I see something new from you I read as soon as I get the chance to.

Thank you again for sharing your amazing talents with us. Keep up the awesome work!!


Anonymous said...

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." - Cyril Connolly

I just wanted to share that quote with you, because you always seem to be very self-conscious about your work. If inspiration hits you for Ghetto Gospel, just write it, try not to care if not many people 'like' it. I'm pretty sure it's just because of the plot that many people tune out.

Plus, I like The Flower Girl and don't think it's too weird at all. There are much more weirder stories out there.

Sorry, that's all I have to say. BTW, I love the rewrite of TPT so far. And another btw, you shouldn't take it to heart if someone doesn't like a chapter that much or something, it's probably just not their style of reading, just like you've probably got a style on your own.

You're a really good writer, thanks for sharing your stories on the internet!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you are not losing us!

As I told you in the e-mail, I havent been able to get on the computer recently. I hope you don't think that I don't read your wonderful stories, because I do eventually read them whe n I have the time. My laptop sometimes gets weird and doesnt let me review, but I hope you know I read everything!

Personally, I love that you've changed up your usual style. Ive loved Ghetto Gospel from the first time you posted it and I'm loving the Flower Girl. I hope you continue with these stories, as well as your others.

You're an amazing writer and I would hate to see you go...


Amanda said...

Hey Kate, sorry that I have been busy and don't keep in touch with your blogs but I love reading your newer stories. You're right, as an author you need to expaned on what you want to write about. Keep up the great work. I normally remember what I read so now that you are update some of your unfinish stories. I'll make sure to take the time to read them.

Erin said...

Why does writing have to be about popularity or how many readers or reviewers you can get? Can it not just be about writing something you enjoy, and are willing to share with people? So what that people aren't "liking" a story as well as you thought they would. Are you writing it because you want to be insanely popular, or are you writing it because you WANT to.

Kate, we can tell the difference between the stories you put out because you think you have to, and the stories you write because you love them. The Prettiest Thing, and Ghetto Gospel have been AMAZING stories because you write them for yourself. The others you wrote because you felt you had to continue for everyone, and therefore got burned out on them.

Yes, you still have readers, and you will still have reviewers (even if it's not as many reviews as you like). Should we have to feel guilty for having a life outside the world of fiction? That includes you too, dear :) You don't have to apologize to us for taking a weekend to yourself; you shouldn't have to write double time to "make up" for it. But at the same time, we shouldn't have to feel guilty for life getting in the way of reading or reviewing your chapters.

As we've told you countless times, write what YOU want to write. Believe me, it makes a huge differene in the quality of your stories.