Monday, September 29, 2008

Ghetto Gospel - Chapter 4

Chapter four of Ghetto Gospel is posted on so please head over there and read and review it for me. Thank you very much to everyone for your warm and kind comments. I am very lucky to have all of you in my life, supporting me and rooting for me. Happy Manic Monday, everyone. And please, if you have the time, check out Ghetto Gospel for me. Thank you so much.


Tessa said...

I loved that chapter..can't wait for the moment with Preston and Jane

Amy said...

New reader here! I just came upon your stories via fictionpress & I have to say I am BEYOND impressed. I ended up on AFF, and man o man do I have some reading to do! I'm so excitied! I am totally hooked on Ghetto Gospel though...I can't say it's my fave of yours because I haven't read everything, so that wouldn't be fair, but of what I've read of yours, and of other authors, O MY fave! It took some balls & some talent to start & continue this story. In todays world, as far as we've come, interracial isn't always accepted, but DAMN...that story is great! It's got plot, character development, action, a romance, some super great hot moments & a great author. Reading through your blog, I see that you aren't so sure about this story...well let me tell you, be sure, because it ROCKS!!! I would HATE to see this story go unfinished. It's a true sign of some serious talent to strech beyond your "box" and try (and succeed) at something like this. So props to you Kate, you've hooked me MAJORLY in less than 2 hours!!

Can't wait for an update on ANYTHING! (Ghetto Gospel, please!) Not that I don't have enough reading to entertain me for a while... :)


Paula said...

I loved that chapter, too. Especially the 'Waitress' quote :]

There are some really nice moments with Preston and Jane, and I'm looking forward to see where you'll take the story in future chapters.


Amanda said...

Another fantasic chapter. I've been waiting for this and you did not disappoint. I love how the characters are evolving. Keep up the great work Kate.

Anonymous said...

I really love the relationship between Preston & Jane it's so sweet!

The mention of Jane's mum was interesting too I was wondering what happened to her!!

Really looking forward to seeing if Jane's dad will catch up on Preston & he'll be figured out for being involved, hope not though!!

Really great writing!! Update soon :D

L x

Anonymous said...

hey i read ur Sunday, September 28, 2008 post and just wanted to tell u that i live literaly across the globe and i'm addicted to ur writing, my most favorite thing to do is reading, and ur one of my favorite writers, i love all ur stories that i read each at least three times, and when i'm down i seek ur stories tcuz they give me some hope.

Anonymous said...

hey are u ever going to write the story you planned for Seven Minutes in Heaven? PLEASE TELL ME U R or at least answer me ...:)

littlewiseone said...

I'm just starting reading this story. I don't know what I was waiting on, but I'm happy I started. I'm going to print out a couple of chapters for work tomorrow! I'm only on chapter two right now, so I don't know why I'm posting this here! Oh well. I will review soon.