Thursday, September 4, 2008

TPT Rewrite - Chapter One

The Prettiest Thing is once again up and ready to be reviewed on I am working on rewriting chapter two and should have that up soon enough but please read chapter one for me. I took the advice of a very good friend of mine and have left much of the original chapter in tact with just a few change and additions throughout. This story is going to have a few additional chapters and I am going to add to certain storylines: I want to develop Trevor and Joy and their attraction before they have sex and I also am going to add more Brett and Ella interaction so there will be more tension and confusion between them. A lot of people wanted to read this story again and I just love this story so much. Maybe I will try to publish it one day but for now, I want everyone who I have become close with through my writing to read and enjoy it because it is for all of you that I even bother writing a lot of the time. Please read and let me know what you think. Thank you very much everyone. You guys are amazing for always sticking with me.

Ella Scott: our heroine


littlewiseone said...

I'm so happy you reposted it. I can't wait to see your changes. I don't know how you will make me love these characters more, but I'm sure by the end of the story I will/ Thanks!

Noelle said...

Very glad to hear about the increase of Joy/Trevor moments. Their relationship sort of explodes from hot sex to commitment and baby issues. It'll be great to see WHY their relationship is worth all the drama!;)

Naoise said...

I miss this story.