Friday, August 29, 2008

With Me - Chapter One

HMC said something that really helped me: My mom always says that when you're lost go back to the last place you remember. The Prettiest Thing was the last story you completed where I didn't feel like you were lost or struggeling to find the words, the storyline, or the creativity to complete it. I hope that in returning to their lives it will help you find your voice again.

Thank you very much to everyone for the kind and encouraging words. I am so happy today because, I think I finally have my imagination back - thank god. The first chapter of With Me is now posted on and the words definitely flowed out of me. This chapter is a long one and it is setting things up for another long story, much like The Prettiest Thing. I hope everyone enjoys this. Please check it out and review it for me. I really want people to like this. I feel at home with these characters and writing them again was so natural for me. I would love to hear what everyone thinks about it. Thank you very much and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.






Anonymous said...

Is it possible you could put "The Prettiest Thing" back up for a couple of days so we can understand the story "with Me"? I just started reading your stories and they are wonderful, but I'm not sure if I would understand the continuation of "The Prettiest Thing" without reading that first.

-devoted new reader

Hina said...

I'm so happy to hear that you got your creativity flowing and I can't wait for this next installment of some of my favorite characters.

As for "With Me"...what a great chapter to start off with. I absolutely love how you go into so much detail of small habits and things of the characters. It connects us to them on a more personal level, which I always love about your writing.

I especially liked the part where you described how Trevor woke up in the middle of the night to check on if "his girls" were still there. After reading that, I kept thinking maybe you were trying to foreshadow Joy and Millie being in trouble or something.

I love the camaraderie between Lyla, Trevor and Ella and the relationships that each of the characters in the story share with each other.

I hope you update soon, but at the same time, take care of yourself and don't burn yourself out! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh i'm so glad you're writing another story with Brett & Ella! I adore that couple so much!! I really liked the start of it can't wait to see what happens with everyone. I have a feeling it's going to be just as good as TPT was ;)

I'm really happy you've got your creativity back too, i'll be waiting to read anything you write! I'm really excited about this story :D

L x

naoise said...

oh i love Brett & Ella and the rest of that gang. I love all your stories but TPT, TNT and now With Me have to be my personal favourites. I love Ella and the other characters in those. I also can relate to it so much more. While I was reading TPT and they were all getting ready to graduate high school, i was about to graduate secondary school (high school) and now that Ella & Co are going to college i can get how she feels more because i'm starting college next week.

I'm really excited for this story. I'm glad you have your inspiration back Kate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!!

I really liked this first chapter. It felt so natural to be reading about their lives, it really seemed seemless to rejoin Brett, Ella and the crew.

I can understand Ella's apprehension about a long distance relationship - they are HARD. It all depends on how dedicated each person is to the relationship. I am sure that Brett and Ella will have some rough spots but I don't doubt that they will always love each other. Soul mates, I think. So glad you're writing more about them.

Trevor was so funny and cute in this one. He and Joy are so young to be living such an adult life, but they are very happy which is all that really matters anyway. Millie sounds like such a cutie!

Can't wait for more, glad you're feeling better about your writing. It's great as always!!! Enjoy your weekend.

PS. Thanks for the reference on your blog, I am SO glad it helped! :-)

littlewiseone said...

You know what? I really do love these couples. I can tell that you love them too because I can feel the energy in your writing. Thanks for letting us share your talent. Great chapter. I can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loooved this chapter, I am so glad you are writing again and about Brett and Ella, who have to be one of my favorite couples! I can't wait for more! Hope you had a good weekend!

Amanda said...

Hey I just read the first chapter of 'With Me'. Brillent Kate. It's like 'The Prettiest Thing' has never left. Great job and I am happy you have your muse back. You are a talented writer.