Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Conway Family

For no reason whatsoever, I wanted to post pictures of the Conway family from the Wonderwall series. Below are pictures of Abe and Cecilia Conway and their two children: River and Grant. The actor I found for Grant is exactly how I imagined him to look and he is even near the exact age I need him to be at the beginning of the story. I really like this collection of photos because I think they all have a lot of similarities between them that could make them look like a family. I will post pictures of Aldridge family later tomorrow if anyone wants to see them.






Anonymous said...

I like these! Thank you for posting them. I can definitely see some similarities between River and Abe, and a little bit between River and Cecilia as well. Grant looks like a mix of both Cecilia and Abe sort of. They're perfect pictures! I can't wait to read more. And I would also love to see the other families as well!

littlewiseone said...

Thanks for the pictures. I guess these will have to hold me over until the next courtdate. Have a good night.

girlfixer said...

I love James Franco... But... Does he remind you of someone? It drives me nuts, I can't figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics, Kate! I definitely love these.