Friday, August 1, 2008

Character List

I'm sorry about The Beauty and the Tragedy. Yes, I have made several changes in regards to how things were in Some Kind of Wonderful but... I wanted to. I wanted to make these particular changes so I did. I am sorry though because now, those seem to be overshadowing the story of River and Danny. Thank you to 7 years and Cope for pointing out that contradiction I had written and I have fixed it. I also have edited out the other little grammar mistakes but... Nikki is still married to Chase. I am keeping that change as well as the others. If you do not want to read the story because of that, it of course it is your decision and I am sorry that I have lost you as a reader for this story. Also, about Abe being there for Ali and Brady's surgery, I explained that in the first chapter as well.

Below, I have posted a character list - I hope this is what you wanted Bulma-Veggie :) - to help people with the large cast as well as their ages just in case. I have also posted pictures of Chester Ryan and Eve Adams from how I pictured them in Something Pretty as well as the earlier Wonderwall stories. Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed the first chapter of The Beauty and the Tragedy. I am forever grateful. I see this one being another novel-type story like The Prettiest Thing but only if people are still interested in reading it. Thank you and Happy Friday everyone.

Justin Aldridge – 42 years old
Poppy Sheppard-Aldridge – 42 years old

- Wallace Aldridge – 21 years old
- Amelia Aldridge-Reed – 21 years old
- Danny Aldridge – 18 years old

Brady Reed – 42 years old
Ali Kurkova-Reed – 41 years old

- Casey Reed – 22 years old
- Matty Reed – 20 years old
- Nick Reed – 16 years old
- Leo Reed – 14 years old

Holden Smith – 42 years old
Sarah James-Smith – 42 years old

- Hannah Smith – 19 years old
- Grace Smith – 15 years old
- Bonnie Smith – 13 years old
- Mary Smith – 10 years old

Abe Conway – 42 years old
Cecilia Monroe-Conway – 42 years old

- River Conway – 17 years old
- Grant Conway – 14 years old

Chester Ryan – 42 years old
Eve Adams-Ryan – 41 years old

Chase Merra – 42 years old
Nikki Hawkins-Merra – 42 years old

- Max Merra – 6 years old



Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for this story. It sounds like it's going to be really good, and a little different than all of your other stories. I love how this is about two young teens and how their relationship develops into something big. So therefore, please write chater 2 soon! I'm getting into it!

Anonymous said...

First tk you very much for the list, I love to have all the informations (names and ages) before my eyes when I read, I'm really annoying with that XD I like Danny a lot, and can't wait to see him "awake" River to life and love ^^
(PS: As I read your others stories, we never knew if Matty only was shy, or if he had a psychologic problem, just my curiosity coz I really grew fond of this character even though we know so little about him )

The thing I said about Lawson in my previous comment doesn't mean I don't like what you're doing with that story (Not at all, I can't wait to read more ^^) it's just that, really quickly, I loved Lawson and Nikky'relationship (you've writen an entire story about that after all ^^) because of their behavior with each other, I do not criticize your work it's just an opinion,a taste XD (just like I never like Dawson with Joey lol), please don't take those comments as "a proof you're loosing readers", coz you are not XD.

But I realised there is no mention of Lawson in that first chapter, so are you "erasing" that character, or is he part of the story? And if he is "still there", then I will wonder if his colege relationship with Nikky will be erased (as you only talk about a fight between Abe and Chase, no other person) or if they only got a divorce (since Nikky and Chase's son is only 6years old) and Lawson left with their kids ....

Too many questions loool, sorry, but it proves you how faithful and in love with your stories we are XO

Have a nice friday too ^^

Anonymous said...

Just reading over bulma-veggie's comment and i find that its exactly what i would have said.
I too am really curious about what happened to Lawson and the kids he had with Nikki. Are they all just 'erased'?
Also, about Matty Reed, he really intrigued me, and i would like to hear more about him. I'd quite like to see how he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Kate,

You're welcome. Don't be sorry about the story. I'm sorry for being fastidious (I just wanted to use this word for once in my life). I love these characters and I have read everything possible about them from you so... Actually if you look at it this way you made these characters so memorable, easily relatable (I don't know if that is an actual word), and a part of us that us readers are able to catch all of these changes is a hat off to you. It shows how much we pay attention to your stories.

I'm already infatuated with the story so you can't stop me from reading and reviewing it now. I'm addicted to these group of fictional people. I don't mind the changes at all as long as it is explained or you just tell us that you are changing it. I think my curiosity of the parents are still there that's why it is overshadowing the true love story between Danny and River but it is just the first chapter and a lot is going. I'm surprise I even caught something because I was distracted in a good way up and down the page.

Chester and Eve are a hot couple. I wish they could have made babies. I'm sorry I sound like a fan girl, yikes, I'm scaring myself. Thank you Bulma-Veggie for requesting the age list and I've just notice something that "The Beauty and The Tragedy" is sometime after "Between The Lines". Oh my goodness, Bulma-Veggie is right there is no mention of awesome Lawson. How can I forget about him. Forgive me because my interest level in these fictional characters are just overwhelming so I need to stop writing this and let you have peace of mind.

You're the best Kate, truly and I love that quote from Natalie Merchant.

Happy Friday to you too,

Anonymous said...

I really liked the start of this story I have a feeling Danny & River are going to become another of your classic couples!!

I'm just a bit confused like some of the others about Lawson, is he gone completely or will he be mentioned at some stage? I'm a little sad Nikki & Chase got together I personally never liked them together & he did cheat on her or is that erased too? I'm confused now!

Anyways i'm definetly looking forward to reading more & if you did decide to add Lawson back in that would be good too! But obviously it's your story i'm just wondering what happened to him.

L x

Tif said...

Alright so the only stories of yours I hadn't read were the Nikki and Abe/Lawson and then the Abe/Cecelia. This story made me curious so I finally read them, I was worried I wouldnt like them because of the triangle, I end up feeling bad for someone in the end. Reading both worked cuz I saw Abe ended up in love. I am sad for poor Lawson tho, I know she ends up with Chase. I wonder if he'll have someone in the end, or maybe he should!!! Id love to read about him finding someone, anyways the story on hand. I freaking love it. Im 21 and I think im trying to relive highschool with your characters lol. I really like reading about innocent love, that first person who finally makes you feel something. Anyways Im excited and your changing of couples int his story hasn't upset or hindered me reading at all. I think you did it for a purpose and I always love finding those out. River and Danny are adorable. I love how shy River is, she reminds me of Abe from earlier stories. Danny cracks me up and I love how willing he is to just be in her space. Can't wait for chapter 2!!! Update soon!!!!

girlfixer said...

I've tried a few times to review over on AFF, but it's not letting me. I loved that first chapter, I can tell already that I'm going to love this story - I really hope you continue with it :)


Lucy said...

I really like this story. I'm also confused regarding Lawson and Nikki but it is only the first chapter so I'm gonna sit tight and see what happens.

I also love Matty! He was so adorable. Does he have any mention at all in this story?

Anyway good job Kate!

littlewiseone said...

I just read the 1st chapter, but somehow I missed the blog explaining the changes. Now . . . I think I'm a Fiction by Kate connoisseur, so I was totally thrown for a loop when I noticed these changes, and thought I had forgotten important plot lines. I mean at first I thought I missed a whole story or chapter or something. I went back and read parts of "Just What I Needed", "Collide" and "Something Wonderful". I never thought to come back to the blog to see if I had missed a post. I was on the search and came up with nothing., I was about to e-mail you and ask you to point me in the right direction when I decided to check the blog again. DUH! The blog is such a wonderful spot for information. Thanks for the blog. Now that I have been set straight I can review:

I like what you have so far. I like that it has a slow start. She is 17, famous, but sheltered and shy. You can tell she was sheltered even in her mom's fast paced world. I could totally uncomfortable in her position being forced to stay with people I hardly know for 2 Months. I think at 17 I would have been adamant about staying home alone, but when you have been sheltered all your life I guess she would probably not feel comfortable being on her own with her brother, and then of course over protective parents aren't trying to leave a sheltered young lady and a young boy alone while they are in a different country. Oh well, I guess I just explained that part of the story to myself.

I can't wait to find out why Abe doesn't talk to everyone. This will be interesting, and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited that this is going to be novel length. I'm very excited. Of course I haven't forgotten about your other works in progress, and I won't forget to remind you from time to time, but I'm looking forward to the next chapter on this one. I loved the Wonderwall Series, and I'm sure I'm going to love this story as well..

Anonymous said...

Don't be sorry - its brilliant! I loved the first chapter and it was wonderful to see everyone from the old stories. I already can really see myself getting into this story, even more so since you think it might be one of your longer ones - hurrah!!!
Thanks for the update, can't wait for more and don't worry about any of the changes you had to make - I thought it flowed very well.
Take care!