Saturday, August 2, 2008

Matty and Libby

I am currently working on the second chapter of The Beauty and the Tragedy and in this chapter, Danny and River will be hanging on with Matty Reed - a fan favorite. I am eager to include him in this story as well as his love interest, Libby Windham. Also, since a lot of you thought I had gotten rid of Lawson for some reason, he will also be in the second chapter. I hope to have the new chapter either up tonight sometime or tomorrow so I will let you know when it is completed and up on Below are pictures of Matty and Libby.




Anonymous said...

Hey so you read your comments on the blog lool You probably found it strange the number of Matty's fan among your readers, because apart from telling us he doesn't say much, we don't know anything about him, but I suppose it's our "maternal instinct" that made him a favorite ^^
so I'm really happy about his arrival in the story, and of course the one of Lawson, one of my longtime favorite character ^^

Have a good day , or afternoon (well it's night here at my place and I have no idea what time is it at yours so pick the good one for me lol )

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you always say that the pictures you provide are just what you imagined and we should imagine the characters however we want. But the picture of Libby is going to be stuck in my head and that's not a good thing. She looks like she's about 13 while the guy playing Matty could maybe pass for twenty (but he looks older).

Whenever the new chapter comes up I will try to picture someone else so that the creepy factor doesn't detract from the story.

littlewiseone said...

She doesn't look 13 to me, but I usually just use the pictures as guidelines and it is all about my imagination. I let the words take me where pictures just can't.

Lucy said...

Matty is adorable. I'm glad he will be making an appearance in your next chapter.

I'm the same with the pictures you post of your characters. I use them as guidelines because just from reading the stories I get a picture of what the characters look like.

The only exception to this is for The Prettiest Thing. I think the pictures you used for Brett and Trevor were spot on and those Abercrombie models were very cute!
(I'm 19, gimme a break! xD)

Can't wait for more!

Hope you have/had a super Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Lol I was watching super Nanny (no idea what's the english title of that show with a nanny coming in a family to help them with their children) anyway I was there with a smile on my face coz I was imagining the guys from your stories taking care of the babies and young children during a day-out for the girls, I'm crazy XD but it made me smile coz you described them so much, physically and their behavior that it was easy to have those funny images in mind ^^