Saturday, August 18, 2007

The End of Eden

Thank you to those who expressed interest in The Flower Girl and reading the story when I post it. I have several other story ideas and I will be posting those as I work and figure them out. These are all stories that have been in my head for quite some time and I just need to get the ideas down so I can start working each of them out. This blog really is just a way for me to sort through all the story ideas I have running wild in my head and I appreciate every one's honest opinions about the possibly stories I can write.

Another possible story idea I have is a story called The End of Eden.

When Eden Cross is murdered by her abusive boyfriend, her younger sister, Eve Cross, refuses to let her life be over and instead, writes a magical world for Eden to live in while racing to try to find the man responsible for her sister’s death. Not all life ends after death.

It sounds a bit confusing, I know, but I also wrote the first paragraph... sort of a teaser:


The last thing Eden Rose Cross saw before she died was not what she was expecting. She had heard the stories about the white light people saw or their entire lives played at an impossibly quick speed in front of their eyes before they died. But Eden saw none of this. Instead, what she saw was him kneeling above her, his eyes staring down into hers, his face completely blank as his hands tightened around her throat. She gasped, her fingers digging into the carpet, trying desperately to move away but she couldn’t. Her head was feeling light. Her eyes were closing. She couldn’t keep them open. Her mouth was parted, gasping for desperate air, but it wasn’t nearly enough. His hands only tightened their grip around her.

The last thing Eden Rose Cross saw before she died was him killing her.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I do honestly hope and pray that you'll get publish. I can't wait until that day happens for you because I truly think you deserve it. If one of your works get rejected by a publisher don't ever give up. Promise me that you will just keep trying. In this industry getting rejected by twenty means nothing. Good luck.

Wow, "The Flower Girl" summary sounds absolutely different from your normal work. It has the category of a suspense, mystery, thriller, and maybe a supernatural feel to it. And "The End of Eden" has the same feeling to it as well. By the way the cover art for "The End of Eden" is awesome.

Okay, here goes my honesty from what you already gave us. With "The Flower Girl" you have the keeper thing and the mysterious man hiding in the shadow thing going on which I'm not really into. As for Eden I like this concept a little more although the magical world thing threw me off. Am I being mean or what. I think you should go ahead and let us read the rough draft and you might change my mind and make me eat my words. You have before or maybe I'm just making you post it so I can read something from you.

I'm not even going to hope for you to continue "The Prize" or "The Prettiest Thing" because you have so many new ideas already!

Thanks for letting us know what is going on.