Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I wrote the third and fourth chapters of The Flower Girl, both currently being heavily edited but I showed my friend who immediately made more fanart for the story. It's nice to have friends who support you and who already envision the actors for when the book, which will be a bestseller she has informed me, becomes a huge blockbuster movie, which, she also said, is going to happen. So thank Lauren and enjoy the art.


Anonymous said...

i wish you the best on all of your new endeavors. i know that you have explained your muses abandoning you, but i just want to request that you not permenantly neglect The Prize. i can be patient--especially while enjoying your new work--but i like to be optimistic that you will complete your other stories. i've grown kind of attached and would like to see it to the end.

Christina said...

I agree with the person that posted the other comment anonymously!!!! I'm a fan of you're writing and I'd be devastated if you were to let The Prize go to the gutters, like so many other amazing stories out there have. But in the mean time I'll keep myself amused with your newest story it definitely sounds interesting!!