Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More than Anyone - Chapter Four

I know I have been updating this story like mad but I just adore Ben and Olivia and I am eager to tell their story. The fourth chapter of More than Anyone is now posted and ready to be read on Fictionpress. Please review it for me. To those who had read the original, there is an added scene between Olivia and Toby, which is one of the changes I wanted to make to the rewrite. I wanted to add more scenes with Olivia and her friends, especially Toby.

Also, to those who are interested, I promise that I am working on chapter seven of When Night is Almost Done. I have not forgotten about it so please do not think that I have. In the meantime, please check out the update of More than Anyone for me. Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Yay, for the super fast updating! I liked the new scene too with Olivia and Toby. I really like that we are getting to see more of Olivia with her friends and just her friends interactions in general, getting to see a different side of her. Can't wait for the next update.
And I cant wait for the next chapter of When Night is Almost Done!! (Hopefully, soon:))
- R

Molly said...

I loved it! Thank you so much for updating this story, and for doing it at such a rapid pace. I can't wait for MORE :)

Naoise said...

Lovely! (:

Paula said...

Another chapter! You're in danger of spoiling us too much :] it's nice that you're really into the story though, and you're doing such a good job of the re-write. I liked the scene with Olivia and Toby. Can't wait for the next chapter!


Rocio said...

You're making us very happy readers with such fast updates, thanks so much!

It's great that we get to see more of her friends b/c with more back-story and fleshing out of scenes, we get to see why she's so into Toby and why her relationships with her friends are the way they are. The inner workings are cool to see.