Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Found Me

At the moment, all of my concentration is being focused on More than Anyone and When Night is Almost Done but that does not mean that my mind is not churning with more ideas for future possible stories.

Austin Gallagher from A Pocketful of Poppies became a fan favorite and I must admit that I fell in love with him as well as I created and developed his character. I was not sure if I wanted to write a story for him but... I think I just might. The plot may sound cliched but I promise, it will steer away from that. Most of my stories start with a cliched idea but I usually stem off of it and I hope I can do so with Austin and his story as well.

Rating: M

Timeline: Five years after the end of “A Pocketful of Poppies”

You Found Me
by Templeton21

Their arrangement is simple enough. Friends. Roommates. Bed buddies. No strings attached and no falling for one another. They had shaken hands and agreed to the terms. But now Austin and Delia will learn that even the best laid plans can go awry.

Chapter One – I Can Feel a Hot One

The air-conditioner was broken again and the apartment was rising to a nearly unbearable degree as they slept, naked and on top of the covers. His arm was thrown heavily across her stomach and her legs were tangled with his.

It was a restless night for both of them.

Austin Gallagher kept tossing and turning and anytime she heard a noise through the open bedroom windows, Delia Bateman would open her eyes, tensing for a moment before her tired mind realized that it was just a dog barking or a car driving by with its stereo turned up too loudly. Austin had placed two small fans on the nightstands on either side of the bed and situated them so the air could blow on their bodies all night but so far, that was offering little comfort and a sheen layer of sweat still covered them both.

Summers in the city were always miserable. The relentless sun beat down on the high-rises and the black asphalt with little comfort or shade offered to the thousands of people piled on top of one another.

Austin hated the summer. The only good part about it in his opinion was that Delia always slept naked and usually in his bed - nothing out of the ordinary but usually, they were both too uncomfortable for sex and just slept together. Actually slept.
There was something comforting to Austin about that.

Those are just the first couple of paragraphs and I am trying something with the first chapter that I have never done before. It may work out. It may not. But I do not want to say what I am trying until the first chapter is complete. And of course, Justin and Poppy will be in the story as well since Austin and Justin are best friends. Would anyone be interested in reading a story about Austin? Let me know.




Victoria said...

I would love this -- Austin was such a sweety in Pocketful... Of course, I wouldn't mind another Justin fix either! ;)

Anonymous said...


Paula said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the above comment.



naoise said...

YES. I would be very interested in a story about Austin. Oh and its Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. Yay! I forgot the actor's name. Austin and Delia!

I agree with everyone here.

Kate said...

My god, I love Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). I am actually one of those insane fans who bought his Panthers jersey from off of the show's main website.

naoise said...

You actually bought the jersey he wore on the show? I'm slightly jealous now. I love him more than Jason actually.

Molly said...

I would love to read this!

littlewiseone said...

Heck yeah we want that story! Did you really need to ask. LOL

Dolcevita said...

^^^^ What everyone else is saying!

And the man who is playing Austin is fine! Mmmm

Anonymous said...

definitely want to read more!

Meg said...

I'd really like to read more.

s said...


I would absolutely LOVE to read a story about Austin. It sounds great so far. I've always loved friends with benefits become more than friends stories.


Oh, and great choice for Austin. Taylor Kitsch is gorgeous.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Love that you picked Riggins from FNL to be Austin. In FNL he is sucha sweetie and sucha hottie too. lol. But I dont love him more than I love Matt.

Mariam said...

Oh yes, yes, yes! I know it's kinda too late to comment, but hey, it's not like I have anything to do riht now.
Pocketfull of Poppies is my favourite FP storie! and I would love to sometimes read it again :)
So yep, if you're still thinking abut writing "You Found Me" I'd definitely read it. ...besides, I've already read all of your stories. ...and they're all awesome.