Monday, March 16, 2009

Poppy and Justin Songs #2 & #3

As I mentioned last week, I want to post songs for Poppy and Justin that have inspired me as I write A Pocketful of Poppies. Each of these songs makes me think of the couple as I write the newest updates and below are two more songs that I am currently listening to as I work on part nineteen.

First is Amphetamine by Everclear. In the first chapter, Poppy mentions that her favorite band is Everclear and it is because of this particular song - that reminds me so much of her - that I chose that band as her favorite. (That and it is one of my favorites as well).

The second song posted is Sway by The Perishers. Hopefully, when you listen to this song, you can understand why this particular song was chosen. This is the ultimate Poppy and Justin song in my opinion. Give each song a listen and let me know what you think of these. Thank you very much in advance for your interest and your support.


Anonymous said...

I've become obsessed with the Kanye West song. I've downloaded it and put it on repeat. My roommate i think is getting a little weirded out by it, haha. I love these songs and these are PERFECT for the story. I love the characters and I can't wait for more!Also, I was wondering what the actors/models names are for these characters. Justin's picture looks so familiar, it's driving me nuts!

Naoise said...

I love these songs! "Sway" is a good one for Poppy and Justin too. I actually first came across that song from Veronica Mars and well Logan and Veronica have a similar relationship to Poppy and Justin, in a way. Okay, I'm rambling now.

And same as Michelle I've become obsessed with that Kanye West song. I heard it on Grey's Anatomy and I was like 'I know that song!'


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I hope you're having a good Wednesday. I must agree with you on both songs. I've never heard of The Perishers so thank you for introducing me to them. I really like their song "Sway". I love the words in both of these songs. "She's perfect in a fucked up way". Isn't that line true in it's own unique contradicting way.

I would like to also mention that Mirjam's banner and artwork are awesome. Thank you for the music and stories Kate. I still have to review another chapter of "When Night is Almost Done".


Anonymous said...

I highly suggest listening to "What I Wouldn't Give" by Holly Brook. I feel like its a good match for Justin or Poppy. I love th song too. I hope you like it.

"I Just Don't think I'll Ever Get Over You" by Colin Hay is great for The Prize.

Dolcevita said...

Love it!! I'm really enjoying the playlist you've got going for Poppy and Justin!! I'm also really enjoying all the suggestions that people came up with since I tend to check out the songs! I don't know if you have Imeem or not but I think that "Ryan Duarte-You" really suites Justin! Here's the link if you'd like to hear it

Dolcevita said...

Okay, I'm kind of embarassed now for suggesting the song I did after REALLY listening to 'sway'! haha.

littlewiseone said...

Please Update, I miss Poppy and Justin!