Friday, May 25, 2007

New Story Ideas

I am completely blown away by the warm reception The Prize has been getting. Honestly. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and an even bigger thanks to those who review. I get so happy every time I go onto AFF and see all of the reviews each new chapter gets. I am working on writing Chapter Eight at the moment but with the holiday weekend and family coming to visit, I'm not sure when I will get around to finish it. Hopefully, it will be up within the week. I promise that I will work on it whenever I have a spare moment.

Before anyone asks, The Prettiest Thing has reached a road block and I can't seem to write the second chapter. I'm sorry for everyone who wanted this story to continue. Hopefully, one day, my muse will return in regards to that story.

I am always thinking of my next story and right now, there are three ideas swimming around in my head. I'm actually going to let you pick which story I write next so just leave me a comment and let me know which one interests you the most. I love all of these ideas so I will have no problem writing whichever one wins.

Wonderwall [rewrite]: I was recently reading my earlier stories and I am not at all pleased with them. Wonderwall was my first attempt at writing a romance story and it wasn't a very good attempt. Jesse Stuart said, "Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it." I am not happy with the story so I am going to be working on a rewrite. The main story points will remain but Justin and Poppy's story is in desperate need of a makeover. [ps - I also changed the actor of Justin. I think this one fits the description of the character a hundred times better.]



Happenstance: There is a point when things stop being a coincidence and start being fate. Chris Wright is not having a good day. And it only seems to get worse when the elevator he's in decides to stop, keeping him confined in a small space for a few hours with a stranger. The stranger is Libby Jameson, a hair stylist who lives in the same apartment building, and in that time, the two will form a bond that may, or may not, survive once the elevator starts working again.



The State I Am In: Ava Parker has no experience but she convinces Mike Martin that she will work hard for him if he just gives her a chance. Mike doesn't want to hire her but the young rising excecutive for a music company needs an assistant and he respects her determination. The two don't exactly see eye to eye but they maintain a professional relationship. They do that is until one night when to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, Ava kisses Mike. And Mike realizes that he wouldn't mind if she kisses him again.




Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE PRIZE! PLEASE< PLEASE finish it before you start a new story. I get so excited to see an update on this story. I love all your work really I do, but there is something about this story that has just drawn me in. I don't know what it is, but I love it.

I think all of the story ideas are good. I have read Wonderwall more than once, so I don't think I personally wouldn't change a thing;however, I just kinda wondering what you would change, and how it would be different from the original. I'm more curious than anything. So I guess that is my pick. Have a wonderful weekend, and I know we may not get an update this weekend, but if you decided to spare us, guess who will be one of the 1st people to review!


Anonymous said...

To be honest I rather you do a rewrite on "Wonderwall" and the other two new story just doesn't sound appealing to me, sorry. Maybe because "The Prize" has my full attention right now. I'm kinda sad to hear that your muse for "The Prettiest Thing" has left you so I'm hoping that it comes back to you full force by the time you finish "The Prize".

Noooo, I liked the previous picture of Justin. This new guy looks a bit older than a teenager. I remember I use to review as Anon and I gave you a review kinda bashing Justin and basically not getting why Poppy is the way she is. You actually responded and I was surprise, haha. And since you responded with an explanation I've been a fan of yours. So we actually go way back when it comes to writer and reviewer relationship, haha. I'm more than excited to see how you're going to rewrite it now that you are a confidant writer. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love your story the Prize. But I am going to have to say that it's a tie between the Mike and Chris stories because I think it will be alot better to see new characters and new ideas that comes flowing from the author. Update soon with the Prize, because the suspences is driving me nuts. :P

Blue_Lass said...

Well, after having been a fan of yours for a very long time, having adored 'More than Anyone' I was stunned beyond belief that you had returned to the foray of writing, even with your two wee darlings and a third little gem on the way - Congratulations!

Nevertheless, I do have to say your latest story the prize has captivated me more than I thought possible! Keep it up Kate, your work's a pleasure to read.

BTW, I love all the Scottish inflections in your work, makes me so homesick!

mai said...

You have every right to be proud of your work! Right now, "The Prize" may definitely be one of your best stories ever! :D

And your ideas are enchanting! It's hard to choose...but I think the Chris/Libby-met in an elevator-thing is intriguing. I'd love to see how you work that one out! :)

Take care and many more blessings to come for you! ^_^

Anonymous said...

ok so I think if you really want to , you could re write the story, i think it might have been my favorite, the characters specifically, i would like to see how you would re write it. As for the other stories I am curious as to see what you would come up with because I love your writing and would probably no matter what love it.

Anonymous said...

i like the idea of chris and libby's story. while i was looking at the new picture that you chose of justin, i was thinking isnt that the same guy you chose to represent Jared? i love how the prize is going at the moment. i also have a request on a story or one shot could you possibly write a one shot for Cami and Reed because all though i liked how that story ended it would be nice to see what happened next.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently hooked on "The Prize" as I have been with several of your other stories. Keep it up, I can't wait for the coming chapters.

As for the new story ideas, "Happenstance" is most appealing not only because it is one of my favorite cds by Rachael Yamagata, but also it does seem to be the most intriguing. It seems like it would make a great one-shot, so I look forward to seeing how you can make a story out of it.

Hina said...


I just happened to stumble upon one of your stories about a month or so ago (I can't even remember which one it was) and I was hooked! Your stories are amazing! I've read most of your stories and after reading them once, I read them again because they're just that good!

It's true that your writing is cliched but I still love it! Right now, my favorite story is The Prize and I probably check your profile more than a million times a day just to see if you've updated your current stories or have put up new ones.

As for the story ideas, I already like Wonderwall the way it is, but I could understand why you would want to change it. I'm an aspiring writer myself and I know that it takes a lot of rewrites before it sounds perfect to the author.

I really like both of the other story ideas, so I don't really mind which one you choose...I'll read whatever you write. :-)

Thanks for all the work you put into these stories (and the pictures of the characters in them). Hope you're having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wonderwall! I loved it the first time I read it and for you to think you can make it better sounds more exciting than a new story. Not that I'm not completely infatuated with "The Prize"--I assure you I am and wait with bated breath for the next installment. ^_^

But more important than my opinion is that it's your work, if you're dissatisfied with it currently then I'd encourage you to bring it to a level where you can be proud. You're an awesome writer so anything that makes you less than *commpletely* confident to share with an audience is due for a makeover.

Regardless of what you post I'm sure the reception will be nothing short of enthusiastic welcome! Thanks for all the happy reading and Take care!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find your e-mail address so I guess I'll have to post my poem as a comment here..
Was inspired by one of your stories.


Honest Smile

Give it to me 1
give it with all your heart 2
Let the crow's feet show 3
and your mouth widen 4
Let your lips pout with it 5
but never, never sulk 6

Give me a smile 7
an honest smile 8
And it will give me the heart 9
to go on for miles 10

Give me an honest smile 11
so that I can leave for a while 12
and leave as a person content 13
with life and all its scents 14

Let happiness make sense to me 15
let the juices of joy flow through- 16
every vein 17
Remove all the hurt that I have felt, 18
the guilt that I hold 19
and the worries that I carry 20
Remove them all with your smile 21
Your honest smile 22
Your honest smile 23

Hope you like it!

Kina xox

Anonymous said...

omg where are you im dying to read what happens next!!