Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chapter Three

I just posted the third chapter for The Prize and I still am amazed at all of the reviews I have been getting for this story. Thank you so much for everyone showing an interest in Tyson and Amy. I am enjoying writing this and I am having so many ideas for this story and I hope everything I want to put into this story makes the cut. I am sorry that I haven't had daily updates like you've all gotten used to over the past few weeks but Thomas just discovered the joys of walking and he has been keeping my hands full. Delia is trying to mimic her brother now too so my eyes must be on them at all times. I will try to update as quickly as I can but I will take my time in writing quality chapters for all of you. I also posted a picture below of the dress Amy wears in chapter three in case anyone was curious as to see what it looks like.


Anonymous said...

Don't have to apologize because your babies are first. I'm just surprise you are able to update at all and have such great ideas flowing in your head nonstop. I'm so grateful to have you as well.

Your children sounds adorable. Soon they'll be talking. Enjoy them as children as much as you can because now a days children are growing up too fast. Now I'm going to go read chapter 3!


Anonymous said...

The dress is so pretty!