Monday, January 12, 2009

A Pocketful of Poppies - Part Six

As promised, now with The Flower Girl being completed, I am putting my time and energy into A Pocketful of Poppies for the time being and now, part six is posted on Fictionpress. Please read and review it for me. I hope interest in this story continues. Thank you very much in advance and thank you to Carrie for the picture below that she found that reminded her of Poppy.


Anonymous said...

In your blogs you've been saying that not a lot of people like your story 'Flower Girl', but I thought it was great and that the ending was very fitting. So ignore all the other comments because their being selective to the type of genre they read, which is stupid.
In your latest blog you said that now ‘Flower Girl’ is finished you'll be focusing on 'A Pocketful of Poppies', but I was wondering if you'll be continuing on with 'The Darker Side of the Moon'? I’m really interested in how these two characters got together. I mean we already know they got married and had Mollie, but what happened that lead up to they wedding? And how did Turkish respond to the news of Mollie?
I may be the only one interested in it, and you may not have thought that far ahead in their story, but it would be a fantastic read if you did.
From a Loyal reader,

Anonymous said...

Although I really miss The Flower Girl, I'm really loving A Pocketful of Poppies. It so sad though! It's not cliche at all. It's so different than your others. All of your new stories show how diverse you can be. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I just read your author not and I am sincerely sorry some douche bag wrote that. That is sick and I really hope you do not take it to heart. Even the best of writers have douche bag haters. I am so disgusted with people like that. Forget the, seriously. Remember, you have SO many fans who love your work. I'm sorry I'm swearing a lot but that is ridiculous. Forget them. Please!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I loved the latest chapter of A Pocketful of Poppies. I'm also curious as to whether you will continue The Dark Side of The Moon? But I didn't think Meg and Turkish got married, did I miss something? Oh well. Can't wait for more!


Anonymous said...

God this story makes me so sad....still love it though!! I hope Justin can get to Poppy soon! Looking forward to see how their relationship develops. Can't wait for the next part.

And i'd love for you to update Dark Side of the Moon as well when you get the chance!

L x

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