Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Flower Girl - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen of The Flower Girl is now posted on Read and review it for me if you want. Thank you and happy almost Friday. Thank you a thousand times to Lauren for making the piece of Brookston and Alice below. It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again in advance for reading and letting me know what you think.


Hina said...

Awww...such a bittersweet chapter (or last couple of chapters)! This has become one of my favorite stories. I'm always excited when I see another update on your blog. I can't wait to read about Simon's story in the sequel (I hope there's more of Molly/Hawkin in there as well)!

How were your holidays? I hope everything went well and that you'll have a happy and healthy new year ahead of you. Are you going to update "Dark Side of the Moon" soon?

Rocio said...

Very reminiscent of 'someone always dies' statement Hawkin made. It's true; sacrifice is a part of living. Kudos!

Sad content, but necessary. I'm happy Alice got to say goodbye and had some form of closure. Also good was that Brookston finally shared something personal about himself: his father's name.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how happy I am the Molly & Hawkin survived! I loved their part in the chapter.

But Brookston :( I so wanted him to be ok. Poor Alice & their baby! I'm so sad this story is nearly over I hope you do a follow on for Molly & Hawkin & update Dark side of the Moon soon as well!!

L x

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I hope your weekend is good. I check your blog and bam! I have four chapters to read/review from two different stories. I love you for that I need all the distraction that you can provide:) My head isn't right lately. I haven't been too happy until today. So my goal for today/tonight is to read and review both stories for you.

Congratulations! I'm glad you're being recognize and Jen took the initiative to bring more fans to you. I'll check out the skow website and see what it is all about. Thank you.


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