Monday, January 5, 2009

Flattered Beyond Words

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a fabulous New Year so far. I just returned from Palm Springs and despite the beautiful weather, I am oddly happy to be back in Chicago again. I was checking emails and my blog and I found this comment from Jen:

I know that you just started posting regularly on fictionpress this year, so I don't know how familiar you are with the SKoW awards. They have them about twice a year and nominate different stories and authors on fictionpress. Long story short I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for one of the current categories and will likely go back and nominate you in another category as well.

So ATTENTION all templeton21 fans: go to and nominate Kate and whichever story you choose. The judges will determine, based partly on number of times nominated, which authors and stories will be included on the official nominee list. So if you want Kate to receive the accolades that she deserves, start nominating. Kate, I doubt that you would ever plug yourself, so I have taken it upon myself to do just that. You deserve more recognition for the stories you have written and continue to write. And just by being one of the nominees you can be exposed to so many more readers.So again everyone have a great 2009, and here's hoping we can get Kate on the nominee list in at least one category.

Thank you so much, Jen. I am absolutely flattered. I have never heard of the skow awards before but I am giddy just at the thought of you nominating me so thank you very much. Now that I am back home, I will begin writing again and hopefully, I will have an update of one of my stories soon. I, as always, will let you know. Thank you again!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kate. I'm off to nominate you now. SKoW is so amazing. I had a wonderful New Years, I hope you did as well.


Anonymous said...

Ok I nominated you so many times i'm probably going to be banned! I hope you win something you definetly deserve it good luck!

L x

Anonymous said...

I nominated many of your stories so many times so pray for the best! They probably are going to be like, "STOP NOMINATING MICHELLE!", but i never will.

Anonymous said...

I'm so inspired by your stories! I absolutely love them and are reading them constantly~ Your stories make me believe that one day I can find my soulmate. More than Anyone and Everything Will be Alright are my two favorites! I wouldn't surprised if one day I'm in line at a book store for one of your books!


P.S. What inspires you to write like this?

Anonymous said...

I am going to nominate you right now. I had a wonderful New Years too. Welcome back and write good stories.

Luv Ya!!


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