Monday, May 11, 2009

I have been contacted by an administrator from Wattpad and the situation is being handled. I am having all of my stories removed from that site. This year has really sucked for my stories. People are stealing them, insulting them, insulting me. I write because I love to. I have spent countless hours writing stories for others to enjoy them.

But right now, I am not enjoying it. People do not respect me or the efforts I put into things if they think that taking my stories without my permission is something that is not wrong. Right now, writing any story feels like a chore and something I dread because every time I open a review, I do not know if it is a complete insult or someone notifying me that another story of mine has been stolen again.

I think at the moment, the best thing for me to do is to take a summer hiatus and work on my short stories that I wish someday to have published. Thank you to my fans - and my true friends - for always supporting me. But this is something that I feel I must do. I will slowly be taking stories down from Fictionpress but I will let everyone know ahead of time before I start doing that.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad you're gonna remove your stories from fictionpress! I'm liking them alot! But I understand, posting up on the internet can put you in a vulnerable situation. Can you finish "More than Anyone"? I'm absolutely dying to finish it! I've been checking for updates constantly. If you decide to remove it from Fictionpress, would you be open to an email list? I seriously want to finish it! :D
Good luck with the short stories!

Molly said...

I'm so sorry that publishing your stories online has turned into a negative experience for you! I really, honestly enjoy all of your work, and I wish you the best of luck with your story collection! I'll miss all the stories you take down :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Wow, I have a lot to catch up on. You are so awesome Kate. I thought about your stories constantly while on vacation. Sorry for not reviewing when I said I would. I've been on vacation and have been busy since I got back home. I'm sadden to hear about your work being taken and posted without your permission. People who insult your stories and you are just simply jealous of your talent. I dislike to use the jealous reasoning but it has become true with the insults I've seen and read. It is a double edge sword when you post your stories on the internet. People are going to take and steal your work without your permission yet you need exposure. I think it would be a great idea for a summer hiatus and for you to focus on your short stories. I won't lie I'll miss your stories like crazy. Please keep your blog though. I would like to know how you are doing. Good luck and keep us posted please. For a person who writes for fun and without pay you sure prove to be a talent who has creative imagination that will help carry your stories far. You have the potential of being a Steinbeck so don't give up. I read a lot so I look forward to see your name on a book at Barnes and Nobles one day :) Thank you for all the stories you've posted since you were in adultfanfiction to fictionpress.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry and very sad to read that you are going to be removing your stories, but I understand and fully support you and it sucks that there are some awful people that made this experience a negative one for you. I love reading ALL of your stories and can say that the best part of my morning is opening this blog and seeing an update and I am going to really miss that (although I do like anonymous' suggestion of an email list:)). I wish you the best of luck on your short stories!! (please keep us readers updated on the status of those stories because I will be the first one to buy them once they are available!)
- R

bumblebee8712 said...

I'm really sad that you are gonna remove your stories and go on a sucks that people can be so mean and cruel and not respect what others have worked hard on. I just wanted you to know that you are such an amazing writer and an original in the online fiction world and I am really gonna miss seeing updates on your blog for your stories.

-k said...

I am saddened that people would stoop so low as to steal from online writers and post is elsewhere. What's really horrible is that it affects you so much and makes you not want to write because the truth is that you are an amazing writer. I do understand though that a hiatus will help you, and I am looking forward to the fall when you might continue posting stuff.
Still, don't let these things get you down; people are petty beings who are prone to jealousy and coveting that which they can't imagine for themselves.
Have a great summer! I hope that it's full of inspiration and good writing news.


Victoria said...

I can't believe you are going to let the actions of a few keep you from doing something you enjoy. I hope you understand that you are allowing them to win in this battle for your unique voice. I am disappointed. You are better than this. There are always risks associated with "publishing" works online. Isn't it enough to know those of us who believe in you know the work is yours. You should believe in yourself. You are one of the very best writers on fictionpress and you are doing yourself a disservice by abandoning because of the actions of the few. I didn't even know about this other website until you brought it to my attention. Please understand I don't mean to be hurtful towards you. I think you are a wonderful writer and a wonderful person. I hope you can get past this recent stumble.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooo :(

I have to agree with Victoria. You're letting them win. Artists are always at risk of such incidents happening but that's what makes them amazing. Makes them stronger. To be able to bear all these hard bits of life that gets thrown at them. You're an artist because of what you write. And even though people copy you, others will always know who the original is. I didn't even know about wattpad before you brought it up. I stick to the originals :)

I suppose you will need a break but I hope that it on't take you too long and that you will come back stronger than ever. All those stories that we've been following and have not been completed yet.. :( :( :(

Take care,
Kina x

Anonymous said...

Well I was sure it was gonna to end up like this , that's what I wrote on the wattpad page of the girl who took the prettiest thing, that We, the fans who respects you, were going to pay for them and loose our part of joy in reading your work, I am really sorry that you had to experiment that, anyway I hope you will not tryly abandon us and find the strengh to carry on your story even though there will always be a risk because of the internet.

I'm sure, well I hope, the fact to have great supporting fans, I have been following you for years, is greater that the risk of finding one or two bad reviews, and anyways bad reviews are part of the challenge of being a writer right ? ^^

Anyways I hope you will go over this, and be better and come back on the net which, well, help you too in getting known, and if you do not come back then I wish you the best of everything and I will miss you like crazy.


Anonymous said...

please I know it might be selfish of me! but I really hope you´ll change your mind, pleasee! I love your stories and really enjoy them! I know is hard hearing the insulting reviews but foccus on the good ones which make most of the reviews, If you could finish "MOre than Anyone" It will be amazing!!!!

Hope you´ll find it in you to keep going but if not thank you so much anyways!! you are a tremendous writter!!


It makes me mad when I read those rude and very disrespectful comments in your other post by those anonymous. I can't imagine how you must feel, it saddens me to read about what you once loved to do feeling like a chore.

We will always experience negativity that will come in our life, but I hope you back with nothing but positiveness from this and make them eat their words. (stupid heffers just had to ruin it for all of us!)

I hope you know that there are very much loyal readers who are here to support in whatever decision you make. May it be you go on hiatus and take your stories off in fictionpress.

But like one of the comments up above suggestion about the email list! Either way, I'm glad to be one of your readers who have had the chance read your wonderful works! Don't let all this negativity bring you down! You are a wonderful writer and you write amazing stories! Don't ever doubt it!

Goodluck with publishing your short stories! I wish you nothing but the best! Hope you still keep us updated with whatever is going on, be it with life, publishing, etc!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I am very sorry to hear about what has happened to you and your stories. I feel disapointed in myself because I actually read The Prettiest Thing on Wattpad, but unlike some of the other readers, it lead me to track down your fictionpress account. I have just recently discovered your stories and am so sad to hear that you will be taking them down. I was really looking forward to reading them. Please consider an email list! And enjoy your hiatus, soak up some sun, relax, and come back to us all re-energized! I think you're an amazing writer and can't wait to read more of your work!

~ Lisa

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I'm really very sad that you're going to stop writing for a while. It sucks that this is happening, but I really wish you wouldn't take your stories off of Fiction Press. I love reading them. And I'm sorry that you feel this way, but you still have SO many supporters! Look at the number of positive reviews you get! I know that doesn't help so sorry. It just sucks that you're taking stories down.

Francois said...

NO, you are simply not allowed to take down your stories because they are awesome.

Stuff everyone who thinks anything less about your stories than going into space.

And by the way I really hope you will still post the follow up on the prettiest thing. And the people who has posted your work on Wattpad only did it because they wanted to read your stories on their cellphone maybe and look on the bright side- thousands and thousands of people read your books, it will maybe seem like a great thing now but it proves that you have what it takes to come out on top with e-books. And let me tell you it is not easy to come on the all-time best list of wattpad, and you didnt even post it there.

Your work may have been taken without permission but nobody has passed it of as their own and thousands of people has read it- much more than FictionPress has ever brought you.

Anonymous said...

hey, i know how u feel, it makes me sad that ur getting deppressed. i wanted to tell u something, i'm an architecture major so i know what its like to stay up all night making an effort and putting ur heart and soul into ur work just to have it get critsized or shot down, its frustrating and makes u doubt ur self, but what doesnt kill u only makes u stronger.

i had professeurs telling me that i should change majors, and after 2 yrs i proved them awrong and my designs are getting A's, i even do freelance work now.

i hope u change ur mind about taking down ur stuff, or at least et them published cuz ur stories had been giving me a lot of hope and peace for the last 4 yrs.
p.s: sorry for my bad english, its not my first language :)

Anonymous said...

I hate people that I have to steal to make people think they can be writers.

I saddens me that you are going to take down your stories and I like the oportunitues to re-read your work...I love it more everytime I read it.

I know i haven't reviewed much of your recent work, as I am busy and dont get a chance to review after I read.

I agree with most of the people that have commented so far, you are amazing and I look forward to your updates. I will miss them, however I can not begrudge you for writing hopefully published works.

I also like the suggestion of the email list!!!!

Good luck with your short stories.


Amanda said...

Hey Kate,

Sorry that I haven't had the time to read your stories in the last little while, I've been soo busy with life. Your stories are amazing. I am sadden by the situation that has happen with you and your wonderful stories. I'm glad that I had the time now to read them and cannot believe how wonderful they truly are.

I am sadden by your choice for taking the summer off but it is understandable. I believe when the time is right, your stories will be more fantastic than ever before. Take care and don't forget that the experience you been through will make you stronger and more determined to have your dreams set in your future. Take care and best of luck with the short stories you will be working on during the summer.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sorry to hear that and it sucks that someone's taken your story without permission.

I have been a loyal reader of almost all your stories and try to review as often as I can.
However, I have stopped reviewing your stories as when I ask a question, or even send you a question in a PM, I never get any reply. So I figured I'd stop putting in the effort to review.

I have never criticised your stories at all, though. They are all very well written and I'm sure if you were to publish them, they will do well.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh no no no no no..I'm currently having exams now and one of the few things that truly relax me are your stories. I love your stories like crazy and I've followed you from adult fanfiction to fiction press. I almost feel like crying when I saw that you will be slowly removing your stories from Fiction press. Another one of life's finer pleasures will be gone.

Paula said...

It's really sad that these people are causing you to feel the way you are feeling, but it's really understandable, these are your stories and you are, of course, entitled to do what you want with them. It is a shame that you're taking them down from FP, as I'm like a lot of other people who've commented here, I like to re-read some of my favourites from time to time. You have a wonderful talent and you've really provided remarkable escapism for all your fans and readers who check your blog daily and leave you positive or at least constructive reviews.

I hope you feel better about things soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad you are taking a break. I also found you on wattpad (along with over 70,000 other readers). I loved the Prettiest Thing so much that I googled you and found your blog and your stories. I've loved reading them and am really sad you have decided to stop. I think the person who posted it on wattpad just used poor judgement posting it without your permission, but without it, I would never have found your blog. By the way - wattpad is great because it lets me read on my cell phone. I really think that you should look into posting there in the future. I also like the email list idea - or have a subscription based blog. Also - amazon lets you publish your stories to the kindle for free and then you get paid for every download.

Good luck with your short stories. I really am hoping you finish The Sweetest Thing and More than Anyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm really at a loss right now as to if I should be more sickened with how many people would stoop to such blatant theft or sad at your departure.

It's really sort of disgusting to think that so many would do something like that. It's not something I would think of, I guess, despite the laws on plagiarism that clearly must have been created for a reason. You hope to think that people are better than that, right? By now?

I'm also sorry that publishing your works has become so horrible a process for you. Writing is supposed to be just as much for the writer as for the reader, and all of this is just not right. I do hate that you'll be leaving though (if that's even the right word to use).

As far as how horrid reviewers have become, however, I don't think you should have to worry about it so much. Every person has a choice of what they read. If they detest so much that they have no positive input whatsoever, then they're not worth thinking about. Those who steal your stories will, hopefully, get their due one day--after all, how far can someone possibly get in life if they mean to steal everything from another? And, I think you have more supporters than are voiced. I've been neglecting lately reviewing myself, but that doesn't mean you're any less of a brilliant author or that I read them any less.


Esther said...

Hey Kate. I'm sorry that you have to go though so much. When I posted pictures that I had drawn, one really terrible guy had the audacity of copying at claiming it as his own. I was really depressed for a long time (I even refused to draw for a couple months). My friends were so disappointed, especially because I LOVE to draw. Eventually, I opened a new account and started all over.

I respect your decision, but I also hope you come back. I promise that when you write your new book, I'll be one of the first to buy it. :) All the best luck to you, Kate. I'll always admire you

Anonymous said...

As much as the idea of you not posting your stories online saddens me, I understand the reasons behind it.

I must say that I have read your stories since you first started posting them on, and I just want you to know that you are by far among the top 3 writers I love, published or not.

Whether you continue to submit your stories online or not, I just hope that you keep on doing what you love. Don't let the haters keep you from doing what you love. To me, the thought of you not being able write because people who criticize for the hell of it saddens me more than you not posting your stories online.

As long as you continue to write what you love, that is all I can ask of you. Best of luck in the future.

roxy324 said...

We're definitely going to miss you and your updates and stories but ultimately you have to do what's right for you.

Take care of yourself, relax on your time off, and then when you're ready, come back with a vengeance and shut all the people who disrespected you up. You own this, so just do what you need to do, girly.

cosmo said...

just so i know, will you be elaving your up on i have a few favorites there that i'd hate to see removed, but it'd be amazing if there could be a heads up on that one, too, since here you only wrote that you'll be removing them from fictionpress...

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am saddened by this turn of events.

I have followed a couple of other authors who have gone through similar situations. One of which started a yahoo group so that she could better control outside access to her stories. I would be willing to join a group to read your stories. Think about it.

I truly enjoy your writing style and the wonderful characters you bring to life. I would hate to miss out because of the dumb actions of others.

littlewiseone said...

I'm very sad. I came home from one of the best vacations ever and found out you are no longer going to post your stories, and then I get laid off. All in the same day. So while I'm not working I won't be able to look forward to your stories to at least brighten my day. When I get over my minor depression I will thank you for all the wonderful stories you have given me in the past.

Anonymous said...

I have already sent you an e-mail and I would like to say again how sorry I am for the problem I created.I won't do it again!!!!!Don't stop writing because of what I did.I don't care about me but for all the others that will be dissapointed.I am really sorry!

KittyCat86 said...

*non-stop crying* I'm so sad you're going to stop posting your stories. I absolute adore them!
I was really looking forward to reading the next chapter of "When night is almost done". It was one of my favourite stories!!

Please don't pay attention to the nasty things some really brainless people say. In my country, we usually say about this type of people (and now this will be literally translated so it may not be very good!): "words spoken by a donkey don't reach Heaven", which means you're too good to listen to dumb opinions.

I love your work and even though I'm really sad you're going to stop posting online, I understand your reasons and I wish you very good luck with your short stories^_^

Noelle said...

Hey Kate,

When I didn't get any updates from you from my fictionpress alerts, I got worried. I'm sorry that you are facing this situation again. I know that the internet is not a secure environment to post your work, but I hope you find some way to retain control and share your gift. You such a wonderful writer and I have been following your work for several years. You have some amazing stories and characters that you have shared with us and everything you post continually reflects that.

I know that situations like this must be very disheartening, but itsn't it wonderful that you have loyal fans who look out for your best interest and notify you? I hope you find a way to keep sharing and in the meantime, have a great summer. I hope it's a wonderful time for your muse and you can come back in the fall, ready to give it another try. Good luck and thank you for all the hours of enjoyment you have provided us.

Anonymous said...

Myrika just took down her stories for the same reason. So sad to see the list of authors I follow slowly dying out.

Tasha said...

Your an amazing writer, its horrible how people are taking your stories and posting them without your consent. But seriously don't take too long of a break because you have fans dying to know what happens next in your stories. Anyways have a great summer and hopefully get inspired to write more, especially more to The Sweetest Thing, i am dying to know what happens and ill be checking as often as possible to see if there's any updates!
Good Luck (: (L)(L)

Anonymous said...

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