Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alphabet Challenge

Good morning, everyone. My mind is kind of tired at the moment in the creativity department – I think it might be spring fever – but I wanted to try something a little different and hopefully, something that turns out to be a lot of fun to get my muse juices flowing.

I got this idea reading through some livejournals. This is how it works. First, you pick any letter in the alphabet and then you pick a pairing that you want to read about. For example – T is for Temptation, Brady/Ali (Something Pretty). It can be ANY topic for ANY letter using ANY couple I have created – both on Fictionpress and for those who read my stories on Fanfiction.

I think this could be a lot of fun and I want to give it a try. When people start making suggestions, I will post the letters that have been used so everyone knows which ones are still available. I will write more than one story for a couple if that couple gets requested more than once. Have fun with this!

The following letters have been taken and I will think of short one-shot stories to write using the suggested topics:

A - Adjusting for Ben/Olivia More than Anyone
B - Birthday for Brett/Ella The Prettiest Thing
C - Children for Andrew/Carrie A Fairy Tale
D -
E - Enchanted for Harry/Anne More than Anyone
F - Family for Hawkin/Molly The Flower Girl
H - Housewarming for Reed/Cami Beyond the Grey Sky
J - Jealousy for Andrew/Carrie A Fairy Tale
L - Love for Preston/Jane Ghetto Gospel
N - Natural for Mark/Lexie Greys Anatomy
O - Obsession for Ben/Olivia More than Anyone
P - Passion for Tyson/Amy The Prize
Q - Quiet for Justin/Poppy A Pocketful of Poppies
R - Reeling for Brian/Rowan The Waverly Myth
S - Spinning for Brett/Ella The Prettiest Thing
T - Trouble for Matt/Lindsey Blood and Honey
U - Unbreakable for Ryan/Rachel Circle Park
V - Vacation for Trevor/Joy The Prettiest Thing
W - Wedding for Will/Lucy Everything Will Be Alright
X - X-Rated for Casey/Amelia Some Kind of Wonderful
Y - Youth for Patrick/Maddy The Lion and the Lamb
Z - Zoo for Tyson/Amy The Prize


Anonymous said...

If I understand well, here comes "o" for me :

- Obsession for ben/olivia in more than anyone
They are obsessed with each other wether in good or negative ways


clairbruce03 said...

I'll take "E' and give it to Harry and Anna for enchanting.
I'd love to read the story of how they got together from their point of view!

Jae said...

I got A for adjusting for Ben/Olivia They've had to adjust to their friends leaving and their feelings for each other.

Molly said...

How about T for trouble for Matt and Lindsey in Blood and Honey?

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

I'll go P - Passion, for my absolute favourite couple, Tyson and Amy.

Naoise said...

P for Party for Amelia and Casey.
H for Housewarming for Reed and Cami.
B for Birthday for Brett and Ella.

Naoise said...

Oops P is already taken. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

D for Dumbass.... Will and Lucy
S for simplicity.... Andrew and Carrie

sorry for 2, but i just couldn't make up my mind.

Anonymous said...

How about Fun (or funny)for Poppy and Justin

And Crazy or Conversation for Tyson and Amy--I can't decide which C word would be more interesting to read about you can pick whichever one you'd rather write about!

This is a cool idea...i really love all of your work and i can't wait to read these stories!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got a few - they apply to either Brett/Ella or Poppy/Justin. They are my favorites and either words work for both:

H for Heat
C for Closer or Chasing
R for Resolution
A for Absolute
S for Spinning

I know that some of these letters are already taken but its what came to my mind when thinking of these couples.

bumblebee8712 said...

Family for Molly and Hawkin...How a "normal" day is spent with Lily.

Anonymous said...

How about date (d) for Piper and Chris? Or ring (r) for tyson and amy?

Nhi said...

M-marriage for ben/olivia

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest more than one?

Jealousy: Andrew & Carrie

Heartfelt:Tyson and Amy

I'm not sure if I should suggest one for Ben and Olivia as you already have an ongoing story for them.. but oh well, how about something adventurous for them, hehe:-

Raunchy: Ben and Olivia


Paula said...

Wedding for Will and Lucy.


cosmopolitan said...

ple4as please please do cecilia and abe, I LOVE them!

p.s. i was so happy to see that reed/cami were on that list... i actually recently re-read and reviewed for that story on :D

im incredibly excited, good luck with this goal!

Anonymous said...

C for Children... Andrew & Carrie

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea. How about V for Vacation for Trevor and Joy.

Another cute idea I've seen along these lines is give song titles and apply them to couples/stories. Just and idea.

Anonymous said...

I want to say 'U' for Unbreakable with Justin and Poppy or Rachel and Ryan.


Jen said...

Whimsy for Carrie and Andrew...What's a fairy tale without a little whimsy?

littlewiseone said...

I have to think about this one.


"LOVE" Preston and Jane

Love them, will and always!

Anonymous said...

Could R be for "reeling" with Brian and Rowan of The Waverly Myth?

I particularly enjoyed reading their intervals of that story and would love to find where you see them.

Anonymous said...

M for Moving (Ben/Olivia)
as in they're moving to Scotland =)

Anonymous said...

D for "discovery" for Ben/ Olivia in all the way possible

Thanks again for this idea


steph said...

I know that C has already been taken, but I really like the crazy/conversation idea for Tyson and Amy :)
Okay, how about Z - Zoo for Tyson and Amy. haha, that would be interesting.

And maybe X for X-Rated for Casey and Amelia? I don't think they were on the list.

s said...

A lot of the letters have been taken, but I'll go Y for "youth". And I'll choose Maddy and Patrick from The Lion and The Lamb.


Anonymous said...

N for 'natural' - Mark/Lexie

I don't know if you have read my comment about this couple on your blog, but I love you for making me rediscover Grey's and this new couple, since I abandonned' the show like 2 years ago XD


Anonymous said...

Yes for Ali and Brady, because Brady says yes to Ali in the end, yes I can have a life with you, yes I can raise a child, yes I will stay clean and I'm not a no one, yes I believe in you and at the end I think Brady believes in him too.
It was a very positive story with hope, faith, love.


Jae said...

New for Jenna & Mark (Blackout)
A new start for them together.... Always did want to read more of those two

Marie said...

I'll take "D" for "Desire" and give it to Ben and Olivia.

Danielle said...

"m" for me- marriage for casey and amelia from some kind of wonderful

danielle said...

y- yearning for brady and ali

Anonymous said...

K- kids; Abe/Cecilia

Anonymous said...

Q-quiet, Poppy/Justin, A Pocketful of Poppies

R-redemption, Poppy/Justin, A Pocketful of Poppies

Esther said...

D - Desire for Abe/Cecilia in Collide.

Those two are so cute and so loving, but their relationship has so much passion and desire in it. :)

M - Memories for Cami/Reed from Beyond the Grey Sky.

Maybe you can highlight the great memories those two share from after graduation to their lives today. They must've shared so many bittersweet memories. :)

Anonymous said...

lol well 'I' for incorrect, Mark/Lexie in grey's, Just an idea of Mark being wrong on a case and Lexie being right lol or anything else you choose for that word, as derek being wrong about Mark not being able to be an adult in a relationship...