Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fall From Grace Preview

This first part is a prelude of sorts to the story Fall From Grace. I am working on the second half of this chapter at the moment and it will start five months previously before Grace meets Evan. Also, has anyone heard of the show called Skins? There is this actress, Kaya Scodelario, on the show who I think would make the perfect Grace. Please read the short preview I have posted below and let me know if you are still interested in reading this story. Thank you very much in advance.

Chapter One –
Beauty Queen of Only Eighteen

“Everything is so beautiful,” she murmured, staring up at the blue sky above her and the green leaves of the trees rustling gently in the wind. “I think sometimes, we all forget just how beautiful the world can be. We are all so busy trying to live our lives to the fullest that we honestly forget to live at all.”

He slowly pulled the needle from her arm and loosened the tie he had wrapped around her upper arm to help him locate a vein before running his fingertips lightly over the thin, delicate skin on the inside of her elbow.

“I can hear the clouds moving,” she said, her words slow, each one deliberate, and she lifted one of her hands upwards towards the sky.

He bent down and kissed her arm and her hand fell to the back of his head.

“I can hear my blood. I can hear yours,” she continued and he lifted his eyes, looking at her, his lips remaining resting on her arm. A smile as slow as honey spread across her lips. “I feel beautiful.”

“You are beautiful,” he told her and then began trailing his lips up from her elbow towards her shoulder, goose bumps fleshing across her skin. “So fucking beautiful.”

“I only feel that way with you,” she said, her eyes floating back towards the sky. “I want to live on a cloud… when I was a little girl, my dad would take me to the state fair and I would ride around on his shoulders and he would buy me pink clouds of cotton candy. I thought it was the best thing in the world.”

“I’ll buy you all the cotton candy you want,” he said, his fingers brushing aside the strap of the tank top she wore from off her shoulder, his lips continuing on its path. He sat up on his knees and tugged his tee-shirt off, rolling it into a ball and tossing it aside, before laying on top of her again, his lips returning to her throat. “Keep talking, Grace. The more you talk, the more I know you’re alright.”

“Was that heroin?” She asked and then nodded her head before he could respond, already knowing what was pumping through her veins. “Yes, it was. Why is it bad? I have never felt more… alive. I feel everything. And everything feels me. If something makes you feel this good, it can’t possibly be bad.”

“You can have more if you want,” he said.

His hand dropped down to her hip and began pushing up the material of her shirt, feeling the naked skin of her stomach. She didn’t stop him as he sat her up slightly to pull the top off and she fell backwards onto the plaid blanket spread out beneath her, laying before him in her blue jeans and red lace bra. Her dark brown hair spread out around her, a strand blowing across her forehead, and her large brown eyes were thickly outlined with black eyeliner, some of it smeared.

She smiled as he kneeled before her, above her, and he lifted a finger to her nose, trailing down the bridge and over her plump, pale pink lips.

“Do you like my freckles?” She asked, lifting her own hand to the bridge of her nose.

He smirked. “I do.”

His fingers easily snapped the button open and lowered the zipper of her jeans and without him having to tell her, she lifted her hips. He easily divulged her of them, tossing them aside much like he had done with his shirt.

“And I like your tattoos,” she said, sitting up, her fingers wrapping around his biceps, her tongue beginning to trace his well-defined abs.

His fingers tangled in her hair and she tilted her chin up, her eyes locking with his. She smiled and he placed a kiss to her forehead before guiding her onto her back, her arms winding around his shoulders as he laid on top of her.

“You didn’t take any of it,” she murmured.

She wasn’t able to keep her eyes open any further and both lids fell shut as she felt him begin to kiss her, massaging her lips with his.

“No, babe,” he whispered. “This time, it was all for you. I wanted you to have this.”

“But I want to share it with you. Please, Evan. Do some, too. Feel what I feel.”

He hesitated for a moment and then nodded his head. Giving her one more firm kiss, he sat up on his knees, reaching into the back pocket of his blue jeans and pulling out the second small bag of brown powder. He didn’t bother with the needle though or boiling it down. It would take too long so instead, he opened the bag and she watched as he snorted it up his nose.

He exhaled harshly, almost coughing, wiping at his nostrils, and she smiled at him.

“Can you hear that?” She asked as his fingers tangled in her hair again and he tilted her head back, his lips latching onto her throat.

“Hear what?”

She closed her eyes, her mouth falling open in a moan. “Everything.”



Paula said...

Skins is fantastic! I've been watching it since it started a few years back - but series three is by far the best. I think Kaya's a brilliant choice for Grace - I'm looking forward to reading more!

Naoise said...

Yes I love Skins too. Kaya Scodelario is perfect for Grace. The prelude was very interesting. Looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Love Skins and this beautiful actress ^^

Looking forward to read more, seems like a very dark one


Jettatura said...

I don't think I pay enough attention to my T.V. to know if I've ever come across Skins or not x.x

As far as Fall From Grace is concerned, though, I still think it will be brilliant. Already you can read and just see bits and pieces of her character and imagine what might happen in a certain situation (or am I the only one whose mind does that when I'm reading?). I think that, as always, you've a perfect hold on your characters and I can't wait for more.


Anonymous said...

This sounds so interesting. I'm excited to see where this goes. I feel like it's going to be a great story.

Anonymous said...

I love Skins! Kaya is perfect as Grace! This preview is super interesting and I am really looking forward to reading more!
- R

littlewiseone said...

Ohh. . . . this is going to be dark. Different, CAN"T WAIT!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great so far..please continue ASAP!

roxy324 said...

I thought Skins was a UK show...(?) The first time I heard of it was during the promotion of Slumdog Millionaire when Dev Patel mentioned acting in it.

Anyway, the story seems promising and a little sad since a sweet girl falls that way. Hope you're feeling better and can't wait to read more.

Sara said...

I've never watched Skins... but I think the preview is awesome! It sounds like a really interesting, deeply emotional (in a good way) story.

Please continue and post this one - it's great!


Anonymous said...

This sounds good. I'm interested in reading more. It made me think of Cami's (I think it was Cami) story of her first boyfriend that did drugs and made her prostitute herself for money. I always wanted to read more about that. Anyways - I'm glad you're writing again. Can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Some new material from you...I was dying. It made me feel sad but it was sweet at the same time. I cant wait to see where you take the characters!

aussie26 said...

haha.i cant wait to read more abt this story!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I think it is realistic and a life road that many travel down in some point in their lives. I can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I think it is realistic and a life road that many travel down in some point in their lives. I can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

is this story actually ever coming out?